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Clayton Johnson

Clayton Johnson

Chief Operations Officer @ Skup


Hey I’m Clayton Johnson and I’m the Chief Operations Officer @ Skup.


My main goal is to make sure that customers have an excellent experience from their first touch with us all the way through achieving their goals and beyond.


To do that, we must have excellent systems in our business (just like you need in your e-commerce business!)


I’m fanatical about at creating operational systems that keep everything running smoothly. The INTJ in me hates disorganization, so it’s a blessing and a curse.


Outside of operations, I LOVE LOVE LOVE marketing and I’m constantly intruding on marketing calls with my long soliloquies and endless ideas!


Work History

Before joining Skup I served as the COO and then CMO at The HOTH (Internet marketing services with a specialty in SEO).


During my time at the HOTH we grew from a small startup in Chicago to one of the largest SEO companies in the world, serving 400,000+ SEOs internationally. That was fun, hard, and rewarding.


I also served as CMO in our sister companies & iWriter.

The HOTH (Next Net Media) was acquired by private equity firm Clearview Capital in 2021.


About Me


Personally speaking, I have a passion for building & scaling businesses. I love business because I believe that entrepreneurship is the best personal development tool in existence.


I currently live in St. Petersburg Florida with my beautiful wife Wendy.


My 2nd “home” is Medellin Colombia as that’s where my wife is from. I speak Spanish, dance salsa at the minimum acceptable level, and I love eating empanadas and bombones de pollo.


Also and maybe most importantly, Vitamin P(izza) should be foundation of all nutrition. Extra pep, extra cheese FTW.