Kamagra: Aware Without a Brain

We know that our bodies, including our brains, decompose after we die. Some scientists have argued that we could not be aware of anything after death since our brains would no longer be functioning. They would say you would not be conscious if you were brain dead.

There are some interesting things that happen in nature that might make you question that statement. For example, birds migrate to exact locations without a map, compass, or computer-generated directions. Is this instinct ingrained in the birds? Scientists still might argue that the instinct is implanted in the brain, so that when the bird’s brain dies, so does this awareness.

But what about plants that are aware of their environments? Plants do not have any brains, yet scientists are finding that plants are somehow aware of their surroundings. Some plants have modified their nectar and flowers within less than a week in response to whether it is a moth or hummingbird that is feeding on it. Other plants have generated toxic chemicals to kill off invasive plants, but do not generate those chemicals against friendly neighboring plants. Trees have been found to spread their root system out to share carbon with fungi root systems in a symbiotic relationship.

Some plants have been observed protecting related plants by sharing the nutrients in the common areas by restricting their root growth, while when next to plants that are not related to them, their root systems grow much larger. Mother trees also have been found to share their carbon with small offspring that receive little sunlight. How do these plants know what is going on around them? Are they aware of their environment without a brain?

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It is possible that we could still be aware of what was going on even after our brains died. In other words, if you still think after you die, then you do not need a brain or a body to think. You would be conscious without a brain. Now, that would present a new problem, wouldn’t it? What would you be thinking about? You wouldn’t have a family, a job, meals, and any of your senses to distract you from thinking. You would be alone with yourself just to think. What would that be like?

If you have never meditated, this would be a first for you. You could lose touch with any sense of reality within minutes. You could start hallucinating within ten minutes. It would not be a pretty picture.

That is why if you are aware after death, you must have help. Somebody might say that this will all be created by you in your consciousness, but it does not matter because even if you have created it, it will still be the reality of what you are experiencing. The reality of your old world will be gone. Your reality in your new world will be entirely different, and if you do not have a guide, you could easily get lost forever. And once you get lost, you may be lost for eternity.