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Does this sound familiar to you?

You’ve had a Shopify store for months, yet you’ve made few (or zero) sales

You’ve done the research, experimented with ads, and bought the expensive courses, but…

  • You’re STILL not seeing results
  • You’ve listened to all the tactics that coaches and self-proclaimed “gurus” have taught you, yet you still haven’t managed to make a single sale
  • You get traffic, but for some reason none of the traffic is converting
  • You’re struggling and want to finally have profitable ads
  • Your ads constantly die out after making 1-5 sales
  • You can’t seem to find profitable products
  • You’re worried that you can’t succeed with Shopify because “every good product is taken” or “Facebook Ads Don’t Work”

Here’s why you’re failing: those “marketing gurus” who seem to “know it all” are teaching you outdated tactics we taught THEM in 2014…

That’s right. We’ve been in this industry for 16 years collectively, and 9 times out of 10, those so-called “marketing gurus” are teaching you (and countless others) tactics they learned from us YEARS ago. This means their methods for finding profitable products (i.e. – Watchcount, AliExpress best sellers, etc) are outdated and saturated. Plus, the information is often sold to you PIECEMEAL, making it difficult for you to really understand the whole picture, while they PROFIT from your inexperience. You may be wondering: “how do they know?” Well…

Back in 2012, we were sitting exactly where you are now. Until we cracked the code on how to build a profitable Shopify store…

About six years ago, selling T-Shirts online was absolutely EXPLODING because of TeeSpring…(this was our introduction to Facebook ads).

The idea seemed simple enough: buy a course, learn what the instructors claimed was “EASY,” and I could sell T-Shirts Online…piece of cake, right?

We were told that the design didn’t matter — all you had to do was target a specific audience (at the time, ours was Boston Terriers, so we started targeting the “Boston Terrier owners” group on Facebook).

Here’s the first ad we ran…

…After seeing this ad, I’m sure you can imagine what happened next.

We poured a lot of our money into promoting our T-Shirt (and countless other ones) and…SURPRISE! Not a single sale.

So we tried again. This time using Fiverr to improve the design (which meant more time and more money), ran some more ads, and then… Our Facebook ad account got disabled (womp, womp). In the end, we were left with no sales, no confidence, and a whole lot of product no one wanted.

Just like you, we had been misled by others and taught “poor information,” where we had to buy every course just to get a “piece” (and we were ultimately left feeling hopeless).

So, if you’re worried about failing, overcoming technical issues, or just looking/feeling dumb… we’ve been where you are. BUT, here’s where things got interesting for us… After that experience, we decided to pivot. We started ignoring what everyone else was teaching at the time (“throw up a design and target an audience!” was way too hype, and as you know, we quickly found out wasn’t working)… And we decided to only sell products we KNEW WOULD WORK by harnessing the power of data that’s easily accessible to everyone (but that NO ONE ever talks about).

Since then, we’ve spent $1,000,000+ on perfecting Shopify strategies not just for our stores, but for over 20,000 Shopify Stores.

We didn’t use a free “hack” that we found on some random blog. We didn’t buy another expensive course created by some so-called “marketing guru.” And we certainly didn’t give up on our dreams, go get a “real” job, and start working for someone else. We used REAL DATA and PROVEN RESULTS to come up with a formula that practically GUARANTEES success, no matter your product niche or skill level…

The same formula that took us from selling terrier t-shirts no one wanted to making $155,732.02/month is now available to you

You don’t have to go through the same failures that we did (and spend thousands of dollars with zero returns).

You can start seeing results TODAY with a simple system that takes all the work out of finding, marketing, and fulfilling products that are PROVEN to sell.

When you apply our formula to your Shopify store, you will finally have…

  • Profitable products hand-delivered to your app
  • An automatic way to find easy-to-sell products — every single time
  • Reliable ads you can count on to work for months
  • Facebook doing all the work for you by seeking out buyers FOR YOU
  • More sales with less confusion and research
  • The solid foundation you need to build a successful Shopify store

If an 8th grader can do it, so can you!

The true story of an 8th grade girl who used our formula to build a business that will generate over 6-figures per year…

Here’s our easy-to-follow formula that can take you from ZERO to $100+/day in sales with your Shopify store — GUARANTEED!

Step 1
Find proven-to-sell products in seconds

Using our “Product Reveal” software, you'll instantly uncover thousands of popular products that are selling like hot cakes on Facebook, Pinterest, and Etsy.

You can also use our “Reveal Top Sellers” software to see which products in SPECIFIC stores are top sellers, so you can start selling the same products in your store.

Step 2
Import winning products to your store with one click (aka no wasted time)

Rather than manually importing top-selling products, you’ll use our “Fulfill and Import” software to INSTANTLY add those top-selling products to your store.

This means you can stop wasting endless hours on boring tasks and more time working on your business.

Step 3
Serve ads only to people who are most likely to BUY (no more wasted money!)

With our suite of training videos, you’ll get EVERYTHING you need to crack the code on Facebook ads, and FINALLY get clear answers to questions like:

Which type of ads do I run?
Which objective do I run? (i.e. Purchase vs Add to cart)
What should my ads say?
Should I use video or a photo?
Who should I target?
And more!

Step 4
Automatically fulfill orders while you sit on the beach with a margarita (not kidding)

Why waste time fulfilling orders when our “Import + Fulfill” software for can it for you?

As orders come in, all you have to do is CLICK A BUTTON and the products will be packaged and shipped off to the right person. Every. Single. Time.

For just $67/month, you’ll get our proven formula for success, plus…

A software suite of 3 products including:

Hunt for Products (Value: $197/m)

Discover which products are hot RIGHT NOW using data from Facebook, Pinterest, and Etsy.

Reveal Top Sellers (Value: $47/m)

See the most popular products in ANY Shopify store in SECONDS.

Import and Fulfill Products (Value: $97/m)

Add winning products to your Shopify store and handle fulfillment in ONE click.

Comprehensive video training (Value: $297)

Within our training suite, you’ll get access to videos which will help you understand everything you need to know to create successful Facebook ads that reach people who are most likely to buy.

You also get

  • Easy to follow ad formula that we’ve used for every successful product launch
  • ROI Multiplier Facebook Ad Strategy Plug & Play Facebook Targeting Checklist

But that’s not all.

You’ll also get 3 LIVE video trainings every single month, where you can ask questions, get feedback from experts, and more…all for FREE! ($297/m)

As a member, you’ll get access to LIVE video trainings, which we host up to three times per month. In these trainings, we cover…

  • What’s working NOW with eCommerce (not what worked 5 years ago)
  • Q&A with experts (so you can get answers, fast!)
  • Live feedback on your ads, product pages, and more (so you can improve at every stage)
  • Demos of the product

Plus, you’ll also get access to 200+ videos in our vault — ABSOLUTELY FREE! (value: $497)

In our vault, we’ve got over 200 videos from past live recordings, which cover a variety of topics, from picking the best products to writing great ad copy. And it’s all yours for FREE!


And don’t forget — for just $67/m, you’ll FINALLY have…

A store full of winning products that are PROVEN to sell

With our software, you can find hundreds of proven-to-sell products (in your niche) the same day you get started. There’s no more trial-and-error or wasting time on products that just don’t sell.

Effective ads that actually WORK on the people who are most likely to BUY

When you’re done with our training, you’ll be creating ads so effective, they’ll grab your customer’s attention like a vice grip. Plus, we’ll show you how to keep up the momentum, ensuring your ads don’t die out after a few weeks.

More time for yourself (instead of searching for winning products or dealing with fulfillment)

With just ONE CLICK you can fulfill orders for products that took you SECONDS to find. This means you can spend your time doing what YOU want (instead of sitting at your desk all day).

Consistent money coming in every single day

With the RIGHT knowledge and EFFICIENT software, your Shopify store can finally become the profitable, money-making machine it was designed to be!

Plus, you can finally say goodbye to…

  • Wasted hours on bad tactics and crappy products
  • Wasting months trying to find winning products to sell
  • Spending your hard-earned money on ads and products that don’t sell
  • Outdated tactics that never work

Shopify store owners who were in your shoes just MONTHS ago are now seeing outrageous results…

And remember: if you don’t see results within 30 days, you’ll get a FULL refund

If within the first 30-Days you’ve applied and gone through everything we’ve taught you, built a functioning store, ran ads and still couldn’t find a winning product… We’ll give you a full refund with no other questions asked.