Retargeting 101

Did you know that 96% of the visitors that land on your site will leave without buying anything?


And it’s all because you’re initially running ads to cold traffic.

Cold traffic describes an audience who is unfamiliar with your brand or the products you sell.

But there’s a quick, easy, and profitable fix for your sales-less woes!

Single product retargeting ads.

And the best part is – you’ve already completed 90% of the work needed to run them.

What Are Single Product Retargeting Ads

To put it shortly, single product retargeting ads retarget visitors who have viewed a single product but didn’t purchase it.

And as I’ve already mentioned the number of people who actually buy your product on the first visit is slim to none.

So the majority of your sales are going to come from these retargeting campaigns, to warm your audience up.

This warm audience will have already familiarized themselves with your store and the products you sell.

They’ve done their research, assessed your credibility, and trust you and your products.

And these retargeting campaigns serve a consistent reminder of what your visitors have left behind… Keeping your brand, and product, top-of-mind.

Once you start building this rapport with your warmed up audience, you’ll be able to zero in on converting them.

Retargeting campaigns result in dramatically higher conversion rates at a lower cost-per-conversion.

How To Run Your First Single Product Retargeting Campaign

Single product retargeting is the most simplistic form of retargeting you can execute.

All you need is a few custom audiences, your product ID’s, and minor tweaking of your ad copy… Because, after all, you’ll be addressing your warmed up audience with a more casual tone.

How To Get Your Product ID’s

Step 1: Go to your Shopify admin dashboard

Step 2: Select the ‘Products’ tab on the left-side navigation

Step 3: Select the product you’d like to include in the campaign

Step 4: Copy the string of numbers at the end of the slug in your web browser – This is your Product ID

How To Create Your Retargeting Custom Audience

Step 1: Go to your Business Manager and select ‘Audiences’

Step 2: Click ‘Create Audience’ and select ‘Custom Audience’

Step 3: Your source will be ‘Website Traffic’

Step 4: Select the ‘All Website Visitors’ drop-down and select ‘View Content’

Step 5: Click the ‘Refine By’ link below the drop-down and select ‘URL Parameter’

Step 6: Select the ‘URL’ drop-down and click on ‘Content ID’s’ and paste in your Product ID

Step 7: Name your custom audience by the exact purpose that audience serves – “[Product Name] + View Content + Last 30

Step 8: Create the audience

How To Create Your Exclusion Audience

When you’re running retargeting campaigns, you want to exclude past buyers.

Your ads should only land in front of visitors who haven’t purchased your product yet.

After all, you don’t want to waste your ad spend on those who have already purchased.

Here’s how to create your exclusion audience: 

Step 1: Go to your Business Manager and select ‘Audiences’

Step 2: Click ‘Create Audience’ and select ‘Custom Audience’

Step 3: Your source will be ‘Website Traffic’

Step 4: Select the ‘All Website Visitors’ drop-down and select ‘Purchases’

Step 5: Set the time range for the past 30 days

Step 6: Name your custom audience “[Product Name] + purchased + last 30

Step 7: Create your audience

How To Create Your Retargeting Campaign

Step 1: Go to your Business Manager and create a new campaign

Step 2: Name the campaign “[Product Name] + retargeting + view content”

Step 3: Select the conversion objective

Step 4: The conversion should be specific for website purchases

Step 5: Enter the retargeting custom audience you created in the Custom Audiences field

Step 6: Click ‘Exclude’ below the Custom Audience field and enter in your exclusion audience

Step 7: Select ‘Automatic Placements’ and set your budget

At the Ad Level:

Select the option to use an existing post. You’ll then click the ‘+’ and create a new page post. You’ll want to use the exact same image or video in the original ad for the product. Change the copy to something along the lines of:

“Hold on, you left [Product Name] behind! Get X% off when you use DISCOUNT at checkout today! Last chance ==> link”

You can launch these ads at any time because the goal is to have your custom audience view them as soon as they’re available.

Tying It All Together

Congratulations #SkupFam! You’ve officially made it through the second section and are now half-way done with the Facebook Ads Hub!

You’ve learned all there is to know about launching your first profitable ads.

You know how to target your audience, set your budgets, create killer ads, and retargeting past visitors.

Next up, I’ll show you all there is to know about monitoring the ads you just launched!

Catch ya in the next section.