Scaling Facebook Ads With New Campaigns

What an exciting time for you!

You’re finally at the point of scaling your winning ads!

Yes I know we’ve already covered vertical scaling, aka increasing budgets, but that is a short-term plan that isn’t nearly as sustainable as horizontally scaling.

We’re here for a long time, not a good time… well, still a good time.

Wen you scale horizontally, you spread testing across multiple campaigns, ad sets, audiences, and creative types.

Essentially, you’re taking your best performing ads and layering on additional interests or lookalike audiences, and I’ll be showing you exactly how to do that, shortly.

Why You Need to Start Horizontally Scaling by Adding New Campaigns

ChWe’ve already addressed that it’s more sustainable than just blowing up the budget.

Sometimes, when you increase your budget too fast and too high, you end up with diminishing returns, or negative ROAS… which is not how things are supposed to pan out!

However, when we take our wining ads and ad sets and combine them into a new campaign with our winning audience, and slap on a laa, then thats where the magic happens.

You’ll still need to use the keep, kill, scale method for each new campaign – after all, testing is an important phase when it comes to running ads.

But you’ll soon see, when you start scaling horizontally you’ll truly be able to take your business to the next level. You’ll make more of a return on each ad to reinvest into your ad spend.

You have more money to reinvest in your ads… when we invested 35K into our CBO campaign back in may we had an $80K return… thats a $45K profit just through facebook traffic – doesnt include organic, email, or google adwords

Best Practices

We can go about this in 2 ways:

  • Creating new interest ads and repositioning the product
  • Creating laa

I’m going to walk you through both.

Creating new Interest Ads and Repositioning

Creating new interests ads

Use the second tier interests from the excel sheet

Facebook pages, marketer pages, etc

These additional interests in that niche

Use audience insights to find new interests

As long as they’re targeted and viable to the niche, use them! The product has already been validated in the market, we’re just now looking for more people

Find new angles for the product

Ex dog shirt – general – test it with petco and petsmart interests. Now we can go breed specific and see how these specific breed owners claim it. Test breed by breed.

This can be hard to do for some niches – it happens on a case by case basis but if you can do it definitely take advantage of it

When you create any new ad, it takes the same process of testing then keep/kill/scaling

Continue this cycle to build momentum with your new product s

The number of times you can do this varies product by product

This all pushes you to scaling with lookalike audiences


Original test ad: $25/day

New interest ad 1: $25/day => $50/day for that one product

New interest ad 2: $25/day => $75

New interest ad 3: $25/day => $100

If each ad is returning 1.5 then thats up to $300 a day for a single product

Replicate winning ads and reach different people

pick out ads that are highly profitable, create new ad sets, and reuse the same ads. In each new ad set, choose different targeting.

Creating Laa

Review how to set up a laa

Step-by-Step Instructions for creating a Facebook Lookalike Audience

  1. First, go to “Audiences.”
  2. Then click the “Create Audience” dropdown and choose “Lookalike Audience”
  3. Now select your source.

    • Your source can be any of the following: A “Custom Audience” not created with your pixel data. Your mobile app data. Or even fans of your Page.
    • Note: Size matters! Best practice is to create a group of 1,000 to 50,000 of your best customers. Use the following data to define this avatar: Lifetime value, transaction value, and total order size (or engagement).
  4. Location: Choose the country where you’d like to target your reach.
  5. Select your desired audience size using the slider. (Remember to stay between 1,000 and 50,000 for best results).
  6. Finally, click “Create Audience.”

NOTE: Lookalike Audience creation is an available option in Ads Manager during the ad setup process.

Scaling with laa

Allows you to build off of custom audiences

You need 100 events to create a laa at any step of the funnel

Steps to get this going:

  1. Run traffic
  2. Create custom audiences for desired event
  3. Create laa for that tracked event

Strategy for implementation of laa

  1. Create a 1% laa off of your events
    1. New ads at $25/day
  2. Maintain the keep/kill/scale method

There should be 2 m people per 1% in the US… so figure out the niche size and scale no bigger than that.

So if there are 8 m nurses in the US…. then 4% is the biggest i would go