SMART Express, Is It Worth The Price?

Well first off… Yes.

But you probably want to know WHY it’s worth it… Luckily for you… I can easily explain it by showing you what life is like WITHOUT SMART Express

Life without SMART Express:

Let’s pretend you get just ten orders per day… That’s a fair amount for a new store owner… One average it’ll take you 5 minutes to fulfill each order (even if you’re using a Competitor that has Chrome Extension “Automation” That means you’ll spend at least ONE HOUR per day fulfilling orders!

Thats equals 30 hours per month (you’ll spend over one day straight just fulfilling orders over and over on AliExpress)

Now let’s fast forward a month… You’ve found some success and you’re now getting 100 orders per day… That’s 500 minutes of fulfilling orders DAILY! So with that you’ll have to spend 8 hours per day fulfilling orders! Goodbye social life. You’re essentially a slave to your business at this point

Sure the Chrome Extension “automation” apps help speed it up but your entire day is still dedicated to fulfilling orders… NOT Growing your business or having fun like it should be

And sure you can hire a virtual Assistant… Let’s say you get a cheap one at $5/hr that will cost you $40 per day and after a month you’ll have spent $1,200.00 on your Virtual Assistant
Plus… You have to trust them to get everything right and to not mishandle your credit card information

A Quick Summary Of How Expensive Dropshipping Is Using Oberlo WITH A Virtual Assistant:

10 Orders Per Day = 30 Hours Per Month (Let’s assume you don’t need a VA at this point)

25 Orders Per Day = 75 Hours Per Month OR $375.00/Month for a Virtual Assistant

50 Orders Per Day = $750.00/month for a Virtual Assistant

100 Orders Per Day = $1,500.00/month for a Virtual Assistant

And that doesn’t even include the cost of your Oberlo subscription which will run an extra $37.00 or $79.00 per month

A Quick Summary Of Dropshipping Using SMART Express:

10 Orders Per Day = $67/month and Less than 5 Minutes A Day

25 Orders Per Day = $67/month and Less than 5 Minutes A Day

50 Orders Per Day = $97/month and Less than 5 Minutes A Day

100 Orders Per Day = $97/month and Less than 5 Minutes A Day

Control Your Business, Don’t Let It Control You… It’s Time To Automate It

With SMART Express:

  • You don’t have to worry about long hours of fulfilling orders
  • You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands a month on Virtual Assistants
  • You don’t even have to be at your computer…

Open up your phone, select and verify your orders… Hit order


Your orders will be placed automatically and we’ll notify your customer with their tracking information when it has shipped

Built For Store Owners Who Want To Easily Scale From $0 To $100,000.00/Month and Beyond

It’s clear by now that SMART Express will free up an enormous amount of time for you and save you a lot of money…

So what will you do with this saved time and money? It’s easy… You’ll pair it with SMART Express to quickly scale your revenue to $100K/Month and beyond

Our goal at SMART Apps is to empower store owners like you with tools that allow you to easily scale to the million dollar a year mark in revenue

So are you ready? Then let’s do this

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We’ll see you at the $1,000,000.00 mark