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We offer tools and training that can transform your Shopify store into a multimillion-dollar business.

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We combined years of customer data with our own e-commerce expertise to bring you Skup: a suite of applications that are designed to help you maximize profit at every stage of your business and mostly importantly, quickly get you to 6-figures in revenue

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The complete toolkit for e‑commerce success

Cookie Cookie

Find proven-to-sell
products in seconds.

Instantly uncover thousands of popular products within your niche. See the top-selling products in specific stores, so you can quickly jump on trends while they’re most profitable. Cookie.io also includes workshops with industry thought-leaders.

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Express Express

Import products and
fulfill orders in one click.

Rather than manually importing dropshipping products, you can use Express to instantly add them to your store. As orders come in, all you have to do is click a button and the products will be packaged and shipped off to the right person.

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Scarcity Scarcity

Boost conversions, harnessing the power of psychology

Motivate customers to take action by using Scarcity, our countdown timer that taps into our natural human desire to capitalize on deals before they disappear. Scarcity has been scientifically-proven to instantly boost sales and revenue, so don’t miss out!

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Bundle Voyager Upsell

Increase sales from
the traffic you already have

With Voyager, you can present your customers with a special offer AFTER checkout, they’re more likely to buy with zero risk of losing the original sale. Plus, they can automatically add items to their orders with just one click; no re-entering credit card information.

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Providence Theme Providence Theme

The complete shopify theme to make your store stand out

Improve your customer’s shopping experience and get more sales with our mobile-first Providence Shopify theme. Not only will this theme make you store more professional, your customers will love the fast, simple checkout that results in more sales for you.

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See how we're helping
store owners like you succeed

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Lessons From A 17-Year-Old Entrepreneur: How To Start A Dropship Business From Your Bedroom

Impressive is only a lackluster term I would use to describe Terrell Gray, a Skup student, customer, and soon-to-be 18-year-old entrepreneur. Tenacious, driven, and inspiring are words worthier of characterizing him. At the young age of 17, Terrell made a decision that most adults don’t even dare to muster up – Terrell decided to become an entrepreneur.

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mother with baby

Stay-At-Home Mom Paves Way For Career Through Dropshipping

In June 2018, Jennifer reached out to us for the first time. She asked if we could check her store to make sure it was optimized for sales. Jennifer was creating her first Facebook ad and wanted to make sure her store was ready. Flash forward 3 months and a few messages later, the team got an exciting update: Jennifer just passed $25,000 in revenue and her numbers were going up by the day.

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Learn how Cody makes $90K per month

Taking the leap to start your own business is usually the hardest obstacle to overcome during your entrepreneurial career. Uncertainties and doubts cloud your judgment and stop you from reaching your potential. It’s a terrifying decision, especially if you don’t have much to fall back on. This week’s SKUP Spotlight, Cody, is all too familiar with that dreadful leap. But once he made his decision, he never looked back.

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We’ve hand picked some of the best articles and features for you to dig deeper into starting, growing and scaling your e-commerce business.

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[lwptoc float=”right” skipHeadingLevel=”h3″]   Are you tired of promoting the same holidays as everyone else? I get it. The market gets so saturated with the same overused design variations, how are you possibly expected to stand apart from the competition? I’ll tell ya how… Start promoting those non-traditional, goofy as h e c k holidays.…
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 [lwptoc float=”right”] Shopify has just announced an exciting new launch that will further simplify the way merchants on their platform will approach their digital marketing strategy: Shopify Email Shopify’s product manager, Jacinthe Ricard, provided a statement on the expected goal for Shopify Email on Product Hunt earlier today, “Shopify Email is an email marketing tool…
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