Skup will take you from where
you are now, to where you want to be

We are the solution for shop owners looking to build a successful e-commerce business, automate it and drive real profit.

We work with new entrepreneurs and established business owners, allowing growth and efficiency at each stage of your company’s lifecycle.

Making it easier to optimize your business, from first sale to first $100k and beyond

As a data-driven and customer-centric suite of applications, we make it easier to optimize your business at every stage of its life. From finding products to sell, automating order fulfillment, and upselling the customer, all the way to providing courses that will help you scale your store, we’ve got you covered.

whats up

What’s up with “Skup”?

Skup is the combination of “SKU” (a stock keeping unit and a way to differentiate inventory) and “UP, “ which refers to the upward trajectory our store owners are on when they work with us. We truly believe that once you begin using Skup, you can only go up, which reflects our mission of lifting our customers — literally and figuratively — toward success.

Values that put you first

Freedom Through the Work

Freedom is what America is based on, however, we all know Freedom is NOT FREE… There must be sacrifices… Our goal is for our team members and customers to experience true time, location, relationship & monetary freedom… We’re realists though… We understand that to achieve freedom we must SACRIFICE to earn it… We earn our freedom by working hard, outworking the competition & never stopping until we meet our goals.

Always Building

Every single day is important to us. We never waste a day and we always progress towards our goals. Whether it’s fitness, work, community, health or your knowledge… We’re taking steps DAILY to progress further towards our goals in these areas. While others rest, we lap them.

Lead by Example

We are leaders, we lead our families, communities, team members and customers… The only way we can lead is by BEING THE EXAMPLE. Show the world you have what it takes to achieve your goals, be the person that would make your kids proud. We lead by example, we do the work and we show the world what’s possible when you give it your all.

Obstacles are an Opportunity

“The obstacle in the path becomes the path. Never forget, within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our condition.” -Ryan Holiday

Raise the Bar

Never leave something worse than you found it. We raise the bar and raise the standard wherever we go. Every single member we add to the team should raise our bar and standard. We never take the easy path because we’re obsessed with being better than we were yesterday.

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

The person we are now must change if we are to reach our goals. We aren’t attached to our identity and habits. We know that to grow we must leave the past and our old self behind. We work every day to evolve & become who is both worthy of and attracts success.

Meet the team that’s dedicated to your success

When you work with Skup, you’re backed by a team with the expertise, training, and software to help you generate more revenue year after year.

Matthew Schmitt

Chief Executive Officer

Devin Zander

Founder & CMO

Austin Roeshink

Chief Technology Officer

Marius Vicol

Operations Manager

Justin Morgan

CFO/VP Sales

John Caprani

VP Marketing

Ben Kilby

Head Of Customer Success

Andy Barber

Head Of Sales Development

David Simpson


David Nguyen


Chris Hilltop



Customer Success

Alyona Tec


Huber Muñoz



Chief Ball Officer

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