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Devin Zander

Devin Zander About

Devin Zander – Chief Marketing Officer – Skup


Howdy! I’m Devin Zander and I’m the chief marketing guy here at Skup.


Over the past ten year’s I’ve helped spread the words about our Apps, Themes, Courses & Trainings and in doing so have impacted the lives of over 100,000 store owners.


My goal as part of the team at Skup is to help make what we do and how we help you on your eCommerce journey as simple and clear as possible so you can easily follow along with what
we’ve learned after generating well over $50,000,000.00 in sales on our own brands.


eCommerce can be confusing enough, that’s why my goal @ Skup is to continuously innovate and ensure your job remains as simple as possible.


I founded Skup in December of 2015 because I saw needs for my own Shopify store that weren’t being met by the current apps on the Shopify app store so I decided to take matters into my own hands and Skup originally started as just an upsell app.


Since then we’ve grown to host some of the world’s premier Shopify training, coaching & themes.


I currently live in Saint Petersburg, Florida with my two dogs Brutus & Freddy plus… My two cats Ms Whiskers & Carl


And we can’t forget my lovely wife, Patricia who pushes me to be a better leader and role model every day.


My favorite quote (that I also chose to make our company motto) is “If Nothing Changes, Then Nothing Changes” to me this represents success in life. If we expect to get anything done, if we expect to be successful, or in great shape, or a better spouse/partner… All change starts within us first. We must first recognize that who or what we are in that moment isn’t the person we need to be to obtain that success. And by recognizing that it gives us the ability to change and truly maximize our potential and life.


We even have a nice mural of it on the wall in our office 🙂


Devin Zander Office Quote

Our quote in the office


Thanks for reading and I look forward to helping you grow & succeed in your business!