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Tiffany Cui: Skup Incubator Review

How Tiffany Went from $0 to over $10,000/Day in Revenue in six months working with Skup in our Incubator Program


See The Video Transcription

Devin: [00:00:00] What’s up, everybody watching today? Hi, this is Devin Zander with one of our outstanding customers. Tiffany, on the line with us today. Tiffany, how do I say your last name? Is it sweet? Sweet. Sweet. Close enough. Okay, so we’ve got Tiffany on today. I don’t wanna butcher her last name anymore and offend anybody but she is one of our incubator customers.

Devin: For those of you who do not know, the Incubator is our highest level program here, Atcu, where you can work one on one with myself and Matt, as well as other coaches. And we will help you build the e-commerce business of your dreams. Now, Tiffany joined us. We’ll get to that in just a second. She joined us recently, and to date, she’s done about $272,000 in revenue on her Shopify store.

Devin: Now, Tiffany, do you mind giving us just a really quick intro about yourself? Who are you? 

Tiffany: I was trained as an accountant and really came into the e-commerce realm about a [00:01:00] year ago, and I really came in with a hope that I didn’t have to work nine to five. I can have essentially the freedom to work anytime, anywhere anything, especially in industry that is growing and industry that.

Tiffany: Spending and that I can scale over time. So I came in bright eyed knowing nothing about e-commerce . 

Devin: That’s awesome. And I think it was definitely the perfect time because this’ll segue really well into our next question here is you joined us in July of 2020. So you bought our Print on demand course.

Devin: I’ve got it right here. I did some research on you before this call. You bought our print on demand course on July. And then seven days later on July 14th, you took the plunge and you joined our incubator program. So you’re like totally green, totally fresh into this space at this point. You said you joined about a year ago.

Devin: Let’s see, it’s June, 2021 right now. You joined in July, 2020. So when you joined us originally, [00:02:00] what was your e-commerce experience like? Were you just starting out, Was this one of the first courses that you had bought or one of the first things you’d gone? 

Tiffany: Actually no. So I had no experience, but I bought different, like a variety of courses into drop shipping into Amazon fba, and those were all the models I was looking at.

Tiffany: And as I was going through the courses and looking into the model, Real time I realized something about it just didn’t work for me, whether it’s my personal situation or financial situation. And I don’t actually remember exactly how I landed on the p d of system itself, but I something about whatever it was that called to me and spoke to me.

Tiffany: So I bought it and obviously it was Ma Schmid. Taught the whole course and he was very systematic. He didn’t oversell. He he was very easy to understand and very easy to follow, especially as a beginner. Something about him also spoke to me. So literally when I got an [00:03:00] email about the incubator program, that’s when I almost.

Tiffany: In five seconds, I made a decision that I was going to join up. 

Devin: Oh, that’s amazing. So I’m sure, I hope you don’t regret that decision, I’m sure since we’re here today, you don’t. And it’s safe to say then, so although you had bought other courses, this was really the first thing you decided to dive in with.

Tiffany: Absolutely. Actually some of my past experience as I was in corporate finance and later on I was an entrepreneur in real estate. One of the things from the just multiple. I guess careers I’ve had in the past the biggest thing I learned is having a mentor is the most important thing. I can take courses all day, I can watch YouTube videos all day, but when it comes to real life implementation, having a mentor is what will get me to the next level and the next level and next level in the shortest amount of time.

Tiffany: And that’s why when the incubator program came. Honestly, I kid you not, I [00:04:00] thought, Oh my God, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for, and I just couldn’t find it or I couldn’t find it with the right people. 

Devin: Oh, that’s awesome. I’m glad that we could be those people and I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Devin: Before the call here, Tiffany and I were just talking and I was talking about my mentor for marketing, not for e-commerce, but for marketing itself, Todd Brown. And I feel the same way. It’s taken my business to the next level. That takes us to the next question here. So you joined us in July.

Devin: You didn’t really start ramping things up until December and that’s when you launched the store that you’re working on now. Correct. 

Tiffany: Correct. So I actually had a store and it was p d selling T-shirts and I did do a lot of the different designs and put it on the marketplace and run my ads, all that stuff.

Tiffany: But none of that generated any actual momentum. I think partially because I personally. Don’t wear t-shirts. So I don’t understand the product and I’m designing a product. I don’t understand selling to [00:05:00] customers. I don’t understand. And it just didn’t, it didn’t click. And I think that was about two to three months of that journey.

Tiffany: So I guess, let me take a step back. I wanted to do e-commerce. But that’s the big umbrella. And then under eCommerce, I, looked into drop shipping fba, and then now PL d And then one, one thing I noticed is, okay, even with PLD, there are different products that you can sell under PLD umbrella.

Tiffany: So it was really that nicheing down, or like scaling, or, how do I say it, like narrowing down. Scope of what to sell and on what type of platform to sell. About November timeframe was when I really came to know about the shine down jewelry side of the business. . As a female, I love jewelry, I wear it, I gift it.

Tiffany: I, do everything in it and we can never have too much jewelry. So that’s when I. I felt like the product clicked with me. I understand it, I understand the [00:06:00] people that I’m selling to, and it overall, the customer base and the message part of it was very interesting. So that’s how it didn’t really click until November, December time.

Devin: Cool. And then you, that store in December, and do you mind just sharing your screen with us and showing us like, how have things gone since then? It’s June now. I think I might have to enable screen sharing for you. Actually. Let me do that. All right. There you go. Now you’re good. You can share your screen.

Devin: Awesome.

Tiffany: Okay. Let me know if you can 

Devin: see it. Yes, I can see it. Yeah, December 1st, 2020 to June 9th, 2021. Right there. 

Tiffany: Yes. Awesome. Yes it’s amazing. . Could have not even dreamed of being here in this short amount of time back when I started in July, or even let alone back in December. Yeah. One of the things, when I partnered up with my partner now, we were already in [00:07:00] technically late December, so we missed a Q4 all together, and that’s when we decided let’s just prepare for Valentine’s Day and going forward.

Tiffany: Sales you actually see here is not really from December 1st. I think our real first order went out on December 18th or 19th. 

Devin: Yeah, it looks like January and beyond is really when things started picking up. Correct. Cool. So we’ve got 270,000 basically in the first, let’s just call it six months.

Devin: Then since, you didn’t get started until essentially January. Now. How about your daily revenue? How are things going? I see we’ve got Father’s Day right around the corner. Yes. 

Tiffany: So right now, as of today, we’re doing fairly well. So we just broke 10 K. Oh my 

Devin: God. Let’s see, It’s hop on the call. It’s one in the afternoon Eastern Time.

Devin: I’m in Eastern Time. Okay. Where what time zone are you in right now? 

Tiffany: I’m in Pacific. I’m in Vegas. Okay. 

Devin: So look at that. It’s. What, 11 or 10:00 AM there right now, and you’re already at [00:08:00] $10,000 there. That’s, you’re making more than a thousand dollars an hour right now. That’s outstanding.

Devin: Congratulations to you. That’s huge. I bet. Like a year ago today, when you were thinking about joining this isn’t what you expected. No. That’s what you hoped for. It’s what we were dreaming of. 

Tiffany: Absolutely. Let me just show you this really quick. Okay. So this was our yesterday sale.

Devin: Huge. That’s amazing. Tiffany was so happy for you. 

Tiffany: Thank you. A quick back story. So on Mother’s Day, we had, we found a winner and we scaled it literally weeping a week. And our best day, which is the last day before the cutoff, was one order shy of 

Devin: 20 grand. Oh my God. Now you just smashed through that.

Devin: Every time it’s just gonna get a little easier and a little easier and a little. 

Tiffany: Absolutely. And we were watching the numbers and we’re, honestly, both of us, my partner and I, we’re both in disbelief and obviously , so there’s a little sinking time. It, it also means [00:09:00] that our hard work, our strategies, our mentoring from, from everyone including you, has absolutely 

Devin: paid.

Devin: Yeah. You guys did the hard work. We’re just here to guide you. Okay. We can’t take that away from you, . If you guys didn’t put that pedal to the metal and really kill it, these results wouldn’t be here. Thank you. Cool. You can, we’ll stop sharing for now, and keep going. Congrats though. I’m so excited to see what today comes up to.

Devin: I’ve been in similar situations with our store. Father’s Day, coincidentally, is also our most popular time of the year. Other than q4, Black Friday. But that’s, that’s everybody’s popular time. It, I just can’t wait to see how this explodes for you. I wanna see that 25 K day, the 30 K day.

Devin: Let’s go. ? Yes. 

Tiffany: We reach 30 or we’re going to send you a 

Devin: screenshot. I’m gonna send you something. I’m gonna send you like a picture of a cat and six champagne bottles, whatever, . Moving on though. I know you’re busy. You gotta attend to these Father’s Day sales, so we can keep it rolling. Do you mind just telling me about your incubator experience overall?

Devin: How has it [00:10:00] been working with us? How do you feel about it? 

Tiffany: Love it. So one thing I, I actually see the incubator program as a grounding for me. It’s a place where I can call home because between you and Matt and Mario, like the coaches and then actually even the students, Yeah, everybody is on the mentality.

Tiffany: Let’s help each other. And that’s one thing I like about it. We’re not each other’s competition. We’re here to help each other grow scale and get to the next level. Especially, there are a lot of students that are exchanging information. Actually one of them Christina, that I talk to almost on a weekly basis now.

Tiffany: And I’ve definitely developed some friendships out of it, but the incubator program is absolutely crucial to my success because the weekly calls, the questions in in the Slack channel, just different updates. Even the success stories on the winnings is, Keeping me engaged and keeping me [00:11:00] accountable.

Tiffany: And a lot of it, I think my struggle in the past when I was trying to do my own thing, yeah, prior to joining the incubator, is I am in my home office struggling every day trying to use. Stay motivated. Yeah. And if I do nobody knows. If I do not so well, nobody knows. So what’s the point of getting up in the morning?

Tiffany: Yeah. But when I know I have a call every week to deliver something that accountability matters and to see other people’s success, that also matters. So I don’t feel. So much like a so entrepreneur, more like actual entrepreneur, because now I have a tribe. I have a tribe to motivate. I have a tribe to ask questions.

Tiffany: I have a tribe where if I get stuck there is help. So to me, I feel even though not physically with you guys, but mentally, emotionally, and psychologically, I’m with you. 

Devin: Oh my God. Yeah. We’re all it together. I know exactly how you feel there. I have to, I did the solo at home thing for six years and eventually you just [00:12:00] wanna rip your hair out.

Devin: I’m sure you know exactly how that feels like, so it is nice, you don’t feel alone. You have people to talk to. And pro tip, this is what I do. We have an office now. We got rid of it for a while because of Covid, we reopened a new one. But I typically just work in coffee shops. It, because, you don’t wanna sit at home alone all day, you go.

Devin: That’s totally up to you or whatever. I’m so glad to hear all that though. That means so much to us. You have no idea how hard we work to try to serve you. It’s so important and when our team sees this video, they’re gonna just be like, Ugh, excited. It’s literally gonna make their day, and we’ve got so much more value coming.

Devin: I know you’ve seen it, you just told me you were catching up on the Slack group and seeing all the things that we’re doing to make incubator a better place and feel more like home and provide more value. I can’t wait for you to see that, but let’s keep it going. What is the biggest lesson that you’ve learned so far?

Devin: It could be about, mindset, business ads, whatever. Just, I’m just curious what the biggest thing you’ve taken away from the incubator so far is 

Tiffany: having a tribe and having mentors. Having people that have done it are [00:13:00] doing it and are successfully doing it, obviously. So one of the things I keep mentioning to my business partner, that I wanted to, we want to learn from you, from Matt and all the mentor other instructors in the program, is not just how to build your store, how to run ads, how to do analytics, how to, identify products or niches or research.

Tiffany: Nitty gritty, but also once we’re there, now we have an issue, we have a story semi optimized, all that stuff. How do you grow a business? How do you become a business owner, not become a daily manager? So I want to, I want us, my partner and I, with our business, become where you and Matt are. We want to own a business and we wanna grow it, and we wanna scale it and not.

Tiffany: 24 7 . And I think, especially at the beginning of the incubator program last year when I joined, it was the very beginning of it, right? So I think we were almost like the test case to see, [00:14:00] hey, does this work? How do we pivot and where do we change and what to change? And I feel like you’ve definitely improved the program along the way and especially the, all the big news you drafted in the last two week or so.

Tiffany: I. So excited because these are literally exactly what we’re looking for to scale that 20,000 day to the 40,000 to hopefully a hundred thousand day. I love the fact that you are growing the tribe, you’re growing the value added. And honestly, I was here to pay for the three months and I should have gotten kicked out long time ago, but I am just so thankful.

Tiffany: Kept us in, kept me in, and if not, keep offering more value and more than I could ever ask for more than I even can think of. So to me, having this tribe, having the having you guys around is what keeps me asleep at night. 

Devin: That’s amazing, man. God, you’re [00:15:00] just making me blush. I’m over here. I’m like starting to sweat.

Devin: I’m blushing. I’m like, I don’t deserve all this . I’m so glad you feel that way. You too. You absolutely do. Yeah. We’re here to serve, honestly. I know that sounds like cheesy to say, but I feel like I’ve proven it to you at this plan. I just wanna make things better overall, yeah. I’m not gonna stop until you are happy, until you feel like you’ve had. And I really love what you said about being an owner instead of a manager. I don’t know if you got that from Matt’s recent YouTube video that we posted. That whole concept here, we were talking about that a lot recently, but it is just massive.

Devin: But 

Tiffany: yeah, and that’s actually a concept. I completely forgot the name of the book now and hopefully I’ll ownership. No, it’s another one. Essentially they were talking about, there are different types of jobs and you have the technician and you have the owner. And how do you become the owner from a 

Devin: tv?

Devin: Rocket Fuel, Maybe. Emit, Revisited. Emit. Thank you. Got it. Boom. I’m like a walking library. I know all the books. 

Tiffany: People are, I’m gonna tap into you for walking Psycho pdia 

Devin: and book titles. I’ve read them all. My friends all make. [00:16:00] It’s like, why would you make fun of me for reading books? It doesn’t make any sense,

Devin: Alright. So do you think the incubator was worth the cost? I hope so. 

Tiffany: Absolutely. Here, let me tell you another secret that you haven’t, All right. Probably don’t know yet. You definitely don’t know. So last year when I enrolled, I really didn’t have the money or the spare money to spend on it, and part partially due to the covid.

Tiffany: I already have LLC in place and I was actually offered a loan from like the small business and administration. So I took that loan and it was the money from that loan. Enabled me to pay for the incubator program, and that was the best money I could ever spend. And a year later, I’m actually just this month starting to pay that loan back and I think, made that money.

Tiffany: Back in a hundred and thousand votes, so I would take that loan again. in the heartbeat. 

Devin: Yeah, I feel you there. If it’s like [00:17:00] a guaranteed loan like that It’s impossible to miss. I didn’t know that though. Thank you for sharing that with me, and I’m glad it really worked out. If you would’ve told me at the beginning, I would’ve gone even further for you.

Devin: , not that you needed it. Clearly you’re killing it here, but, it’s good to know, but Awesome. And then last question here, I think we’ve covered a lot, but I, we are gonna show this video to our team here at SC and our team within the incubator right after I’m done. You have a message for our coaches, for our support staff, for Matt, for anybody.

Devin: Is there anything you want them to know? 

Tiffany: Just a great thank you and a lot of gratitude to you, to Matt, to Mario, to Veco, to Daniel and all the other team members. I haven’t really interacted on a daily, more frequent basis, but everybody has been very support. Knowledgeable always gets back to whether my questions my, things that are broken on time.

Tiffany: Daniel even, Daniel helped with a theme and there are times [00:18:00] when he literally answered my question on a Saturday or sound when he really didn’t need to and I wasn’t even expecting. And he, The one thing about your team that you have built is you over. And you under promise you over deliver.

Tiffany: And it’s always a surprise and a very happy surprise how much value I’m getting out of it. And I’m hoping that other students in the incubator will feel the same way and continue to. I’m going to stay in this incubator program as long as you have me, 

Devin: Oh, we will keep you. And just so everybody knows, look, when she says we underdeliver, we’re still delivering more than everybody else.

Devin: Or when we over under promise. Under promise, Sorry. When she’s saying we under promise, we’re still promising more than others. We just overdeliver so damn much that it’s it’s insane. Tiffany, sorry. No. It’s okay. You didn’t, it didn’t sound bad at all. I just want people to know, Okay. You get. Okay.

Devin: Tiffany, thank you so much. Yes, [00:19:00] you do. . Tiffany, it’s been a pleasure. Thank you so much for joining me. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and to anybody thinking about joining the incubator. Just do it. Don’t be crazy. Come on. Absolutely. 

Tiffany: And I wanted to say one last thing. Okay. Say it.

Tiffany: If anybody is on the fence, whether you have the money or not, this is the best money that you will spend because you will catapult you into the next level of things. Don’t try to struggle to save little, like a couple grand here and there. Don’t go to Starbucks for a month and just, drive less, walk more.

Tiffany: Whatever you need to do to save the money to work it out, because what this program will do for. It will save you money in the long run, save you stress for in the long run. And then at the most it will save you time. Time is our most valuable asset property, commodity. Yeah, and I think I’ve literally gone through five years of growth in the last year and especially the last six [00:20:00] months.

Tiffany: And without it I would still be struggling and probably already given up. So join the tribe. We are going to all take care of

Devin: . Tiffany, you are outstanding. Thank you so much for that. I appreciate it. Thank you, Devin.


Gary Hair: Skup Incubator Review

Age isn’t a factor, what matters is your dedication & attitude. Gary proved this with amazing work ethic paired with our Incubator and was able to go from $0 to $70,000.00 in sales with just one product and just one Facebook ad


See The Video Transcription

Gary: [00:00:00] And you said, But Gary, look at this, Look at the ROAs the ROAs was good.

Gary: So turn that back on. And that, that one product, that ad has led to $70,000 in sales. 

Matt: What’s up everybody? It’s Matt Schmitt here. I’m very excited. I love this guy. I’m about to introduce, but we’re doing a little interview here. It’s gonna be more of like a conversation. Hope to do a series of these because these are our incubator students. These are the guys that have been in the weeds with us having a big part in building our community incubator.

Matt: If you’re not familiar, This group that we were building, this community, that we were building of all like-minded people. We’re getting in, Yes, there’s course continent content and everything like that, but more of a support a group of people on the same path, on the same mission of achieving their version of freedom.

Matt: That’s one of our core values here at Skup and that’s what we want to talk about here today. I got a guy that has been doing this for several months now and he told me a target in Tampa hits that target within a couple of months after that. So I’m [00:01:00] super proud to talk to him today. I wanna talk to you about Gary.

Matt: Gary, Like I said, I met him in Tampa. And I’m just blown away because I think one of the defining characteristics of you, man, is you’re just like me in the mindset. If you said something, you did something. And I love that about you. You said you didn’t say I’d really like to do, a hundred grand.

Matt: You’re like, I’m gonna do a hundred. And I was like, All right, I believe you because of that determination that I heard in your voice and your stance and everything like that. And so when you tell me you’re gonna get, the figures, you’re doubling it and everything like that I believe you, man, the sky’s the limit.

Matt: I know your ultimate goal. You can talk about that if you wanted to, but that achievable probably a lot faster than you think because of your determination and your willingness to push through adversity. Those are the things that Devin and I can’t stop talking about you. When we talk about our students and stuff like that, we’re like Gary’s the man and I gotta talk to you about on our calls all the time.

Matt: Probably a little bit more than I should cause I start joking around with you and hopefully you get those jokes cuz that’s the kind of the person I am. So Gary, give us a little background on yourself and tell [00:02:00] us a little bit about your journey so far, man. Before incubator and then getting into incubator.

Matt: Sure. 

Gary: I’ve been in computers most of my life. A technical field, technical background. I’ve got a lot of engineering education no degree, no a specific degree, but just an engineer’s mind. I think about numbers, I think about data. I’m not so much the kind of person that thinks about the feelings and the thoughts behind stuff.

Gary: It’s if you can gimme numbers and tell me what numbers to hit, how to hit those numbers, give me a list, I can do it. Love it. That’s where my what, how my background has led me to where I am today. Before incubator. I started my journey back in the jewelry profits course last September.

Gary: Saw a webinar that, that you and Devin did. And just the way you talked about business, the way you talked about building a business. There was a lot of mention about money, about the money that you can make doing this business, but it was about building a business and not just this get rich quick kind of thing.

Gary: Yep. That really resonated with me. I figure if. If you talk like that in the intro, when you’re trying to get somebody psyched up and hyped up to, to join, you’re [00:03:00] gonna keep doing that because that’s, like you said, quite a bit what you do with one thing you do with everything. Exactly, yeah.

Gary: And it, it just really, it just hit me really well. So it did, The profits course didn’t do too bad and Q4 last year I way overspent on ads. I didn’t listen to what you said in the course. Built my hopes up on some that they were okay, but marginal. But I learned a lot, lost a little bit of money.

Gary: It’s okay. Heard about incubator and thought, this is really the next step for me to go from this course where it’s one sided. You’re talking, I’m listening, I’m taking notes and trying to learn things to incubator where we’re talking back and forth.

Gary: , I love the fact that we can get. Live calls, we can ask questions. It just makes all the difference in the world to be able to give you a real life scenario of what I’m going through. You taught me how to do this, but how do I implement it properly? What, how do I implement it? How do I make changes?

Gary: How do I change course when there’s a problem? So that, that’s what brought 

Matt: me into Inc. Yeah, no, I [00:04:00] absolutely love that. And I think that’s, why we built it in the first place, right? Because knowledge is, there’s plenty, there’s so much knowledge is actually there’s more knowledge that people like avoid and don’t even ever see that’s out there than they actually ingest, right?

Matt: And. One of the crucial things that I’ve learned on my journey is that knowledge is free most of the time, but it’s implementation. That’s really the tough stuff that you have to get into, right? And so that’s why we wanted to build this thing so that we’re all in the same path. So I can hop on calls with you, or you can ping me and I, you have way to access me in a way that I can actually deliver like an, a good response, something that you can actually utilize, right?

Matt: And. And that’s where we’re trying to go with this, because that’s really the key. And the reason that we do jewelry profits, I’ve always taught it like this, is it’s the only way I know how to learn. And so it’s the only way I feel right teaching is the business mindset and the processes and things like that because it is so easy to go like this.

Matt: Like I can, we can all [00:05:00] learn how to go like this really quick or you’re gonna. You do it enough times, you’re gonna hit it. But then how do you avoid this? Because when you go up and then it’s Oh man, that product was great. I got four or five sales and everything’s the, to the moon.

Matt: And all of a sudden you learn that’s not exactly how it works. And we actually gotta put some other things in place, Some things maybe we can talk about here today, but that’s, Really not only the reality of the situation in terms of how sales go for any product, also your emotions do this too, right? And that logical brain.

Matt: I have a very much similar brain, which is probably why we connect a lot there. It still can creep in and you can be like, I was telling somebody like, if you can do, if you get, if I get you to $10,000 a. But then all of a sudden you have a $5,000 day, you’re gonna think that you were failed and like the world’s over and then you might self sabotage.

Matt: And businesses do this all the time. And so I’m trying to, we’re trying to teach away in a support system that shows you, hey, man, Like I had a good call with another one of the students, Jennifer, in the group the other [00:06:00] day and I was like, Look, these are the points of deviation that you have. Let’s get back to the basics and then you’ll start seeing those same results.

Matt: Like it’s those things that we feel like we gotta do and we, I don’t have any data for this, but I do this. So I think that’s why You’re gonna have a lot of success on this because you can stick to that as much as possible. It’s not gonna be a perfect journey, but I know, things are gonna click for you as you are going.

Matt: So tell us a little bit as you joined, So you went from Julie Profits, got into incubator. I know we have a critical timestamp where we had a conversation, tell us about that. And then, I think you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, then we’ll clarify, but then let’s talk about that and then your experience after.

Matt: Sure. 

Gary: Going back to Q4 of last year, I, like I said, I overspent. Yeah. So when I’m coming into the beginning of this year, working up into Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, I was panicky with some of the ads I was running that just I didn’t see the exact numbers I wanted to see, and I was focusing on things that, that, ultimately, that I [00:07:00] wasn’t focusing on the right things.

Gary: And. I got on call with you, looked at the numbers, had you helped me to refocus on what was important, what numbers should I be looking at? And we took that one ad that I you probably remember very well. Yep. That I thought was bad. And you said, But Gary, look at this, Look at the ROAs the ROAs was good.

Gary: So turn that back on. And that, that one product, that ad has led to $70,000 in sales. Damn. Since That’s awesome. April 12. I remember up at 12 very distinctly. 

Matt: Yeah. Cause it, it is, unfortunately, it’s like a blessing and a curse, right? Like it’s unfortunate that that one thing can hold you back, but also at the same time, it’s really cool if you start being able to identify those things, then those can be the ones that like accelerate you into $70,000 in sales, right?

Matt: Because you’re able to see those things and. That’s maybe one of the crucial things, right? Because it’s really hard for me to tell you that in a course. [00:08:00] I might even said in the course, I’m sure I did what, focus on the roas, right? But for you to see it in that moment when you’re you’re, got the blinders on cuz you’re so narrowed at maybe cost per purchase or something, some other metric.

Matt: There’s other ones hanging out there and be like, Look man, like we teach you how to sell multiple things. They’re buying multiple products. This is the key. This is the metric. This, that’s why we don’t have a store versus a funnel. All these things. That’s awesome. So $70,000 came in in sales after that.

Matt: That’s pretty damn incredible. You crossed over your mark. Which is, if you wanna talk about it that’s, I love, by the way, I loved the way that you shared that with the group that was very creative. And it was on time too with with Halloween. Yeah. Yeah. It was really 

Gary: cool. Yeah. My wife just bought a bag of those hundred grand bars that day.

Gary: That’s good. Just cause we wanted ’em in the house. . 

Matt: Yeah. It was, Oh, I forgot to tell you too, I had my. I literally had my first a hundred grand ever candy bar this Halloween after you saw that. And then I looked in, I was teaching my kid about taxes, , [00:09:00] and saying, This is what the government does with with your money.

Matt: I’m taking 30% of your candy. No, but I just took it a hundred grand at it. First a hundred grand. It was actually pretty, pretty damn good. So they are, so I might have, I’m. Yeah. That’s very cool. So yeah, the cool thing about you too, man, is now you’re in a mode of giving back to incubator, which I think is really great.

Matt: Both like just. That’s who you are, Right? And then we’re you’re becoming one of the coaches inside of Incubator too. I hope you, go forward with that. Cause I think you do really great. But tell, talk about that experience too, because that’s part of the key part of Incubator too, right?

Matt: Like we want people to take the initiative that you had of you were just doing it right. And then we’re like, maybe this is because you’re helping us build this up. So we formalized it a little bit, but you were just giving back. Did that help give you Begun being an incubator and.

Matt: Looking at people through the lens that I’ve been looking at. Has that helped you along in your journey too, because now you’re [00:10:00] seeing how you would handle a move and how that, so you’re on the other side of the coin a little bit. Has that helped you along your journey as well?

Matt: Oh, 

Gary: absolutely. Yeah. In my whole life, every time I’ve had to the task to teach somebody something or to try to help someone, give something, I’ve learned a lot more out of it. You can’t, you don’t realize how little you know about something until you try to explain it to somebody. 

Matt: Yeah, that’s true.

Matt: Yeah. And once you can 

Gary: explain it though, you know you’ve mastered it or at least you’re on your way to mastering it. 

Matt: Yeah. So that’s cool. So I just reiterate like one of the crucial things about Incubator is that it’s a community where people are helping each other along in this journey, and that gives you the opportunity to see something from another lens that’s impossible if you’re just in a course, you’re just looking at me talk on my slides, my. Basically script at that point, right? Cause it’s just what I say. You get this opportunity to do that in this group, and that’s one of the crucial things that helped me so much. I 100% think that I’m way further than I would’ve been without doing what I’ve been doing for upwards of five, six years now.

Matt: And [00:11:00] it’s great to see you do it too. That’s one thing we had a conversation with. I. Don’t let this take up too much of your time. Focus on your business because you’ll be able to help people more, but you balance that really well, so I’m proud of you on that one too. So yeah, one of the crucial things is four people inside of incubator that may watch this and people that are considering incubator.

Matt: Do you have any kinda like real message for them? Un the value that you’ve gotten out of this thus? 

Gary: There’s a monetary value. Absolutely. The cost of incubator versus the 70 k from that one product based on one conversation you and I had. , that makes it completely obvious to me.

Gary: But it, it’s more than just the money. It’s truly, like you’re saying, the community. If I can get in there and meet with other people, take myself out of this silo that you build as an entrepreneur. Out of that silo and be able to talk to other people about some of the, just the stupid things that happened during your day that other people can say, Yeah, I had the same thing happen to me.

Gary: Here’s how I dealt with it. It’s so much easier than sitting back all by yourself and wondering, how in the world am I gonna overcome whatever this stupid little thing is? And it could be [00:12:00] like the most insignificant thing, but it just, it ruins. Yeah, so me incubators really give me the opportunity to do that.

Gary: My wife is extremely supportive of the business. She loves it on doing it, but she doesn’t know anything about it, and I don’t care if she does because she doesn’t need to. So I’ve got however many people are in incubator, however many people are in the Facebook group sit back and say, Hey, how you guys doing?

Matt: That’s kinda nice. Yeah. That’s awesome. Yeah, no I feel you on that. My wife we’ve been married for 10 years, or for, we’ve been married for 10 years together for 13 years. I’ve been doing this business for 10 years. Some form of this business. I don’t know if my mom, my wife really knows what I do, but super supportive.

Matt: I got best friends. I have just really no idea what I do for a living and then I just appear places or go to places. I’m like, I don’t know what Matt does. He’s. I think he has a business, I don’t know, sells shirts or something. And it’s it, but that’s a hundred percent man. I think that’s super valuable for what people just heard.

Matt: There is they don’t have to it’s not my wife’s like [00:13:00] responsibility or job or obligation to understand what I’m doing for a living, right? I don’t, when she was an occupa foral therapist. I know in concept what that means. I don’t know what the details of what that means. But I don’t have to, cuz that’s not the wife is there to, or the spouse is there to support you in that mission.

Matt: They know that you’re that passionate, but just to be able to relate. We just did it based off of yeah, I’m from St. Louis. You’re from Melina. The kind of a similar kind of city, right? That’s fuel. Puts you or like football teams or there’s sports teams, that’s that group and that community feel, being able to relate to somebody in the same mindset is super critical for your career.

Matt: Because otherwise, look at me. I’m in a room. There’s shades on this windows cuz my kids are always trying to peek in and open up the doors and can feel a little siloed a little once in a while. So it is important to breach. These figurative walls And get out, do zoom calls like this.

Matt: We almost have a mandatory call. I’m trying to get everybody to have their camera on every single time we have a call. See some faces, see some [00:14:00] reactions. Mostly for myself and I’m just kidding. That’s great man. I really do appreciate it. So the only question I have left is the canned question of do you think incubator is worth the investment, the financial in.

Gary: Oh, absolutely. There there’s never been an investment that I’ve made that has had a return, like incubator has. That’s awesome. 70, 70,000. Listen to so far, Matt, so far, 70 K from one. Oh yeah. Call that 

Matt: you and I did. Yeah. The goal, what you said to me was, A, that the a hundred grand, and then B it was saying you want a retirement income business, there’s a business that you could retire.

Matt: And dude like I said, The way you said it, there’s, I’ll tell you this, my dad’s just I’m just like that obviously because of that. But I don’t respond well to that and I honestly remember that cuz I remember I was sitting down at the head of the table, you were on my right and you’re like, I’m gonna hit a hundred grand.

Matt: I’m like, I know that tone, I know that, you know that, I know that mindset. He’s gonna do it. And then I think we talked about in the round table, right? , we have these intimate like [00:15:00] Inc. Incubator groups once in a while, in person. That’s when you were talking about your retirement income and you said anything the exact same way.

Matt: So I am a hundred percent confident that you will be able to do it. We are here to build a business for you, not a get rich quick scheme. We want you to have those process and things in place. So yeah, like you said, 70 grand is just the beginning for you, man. Literally the sky’s the limit on you.

Matt: I think it’s only gonna get more exciting as time goes on. Look what you did it too, right? You’re doing it and you did 70 grand in like the weirdest economic time too, like the most uncertainty, weird time too, these last couple of months. And once we get things rocking and rolling for you, dude, you’re gonna be sprinting into the future.

Matt: Not just hobbling around like everybody else too. So I’m super proud of you, man. You’re a extreme asset into the the incubator group. I really do appreciate your hard work and effort and I’ve learned a lot from you as well, man. So that’s the best part of this group is I’m constantly getting as much out of the students as they’re hopefully getting outta me.

Matt: And we’re all building this together, so I do. I really appreciate your time. Do you have anything [00:16:00] else for anybody out there? 

Gary: Keep an eye out for my 200 grand. What’s that? Keep an eye out for my 200 

Matt: grand. Yeah, the two candy bars, man. , the king size bar, right? Or something like that. Yeah, exactly.

Matt: Very cool. I’ll sooner, shit, man. You could probably do in the next couple of months as we went out I’m gonna put a target on your back right now. I’m gonna say, No later than Valentine’s Day next year. I’m gonna be looking out for that, so I’m not giving myself that 

Gary: much slack, , December 

Matt: 31st is my, There you go.

Matt: That, see that my job as a coach just work, it just cut a whole timeline whole month off your timeline there, so I love it, dude. No, man. Thank you for your time and I’ll talk to you soon. All right. Matt, Take care. Thanks for having 

Gary: me.


Jennifer Kennedy: Skup Incubator Review

See how Incubator Student Jennifer was able to build a successful store WHILE working a full-time job


See The Video Transcription

Matt Schmitt: [00:00:00] Hey, what’s up everybody? It’s Matt Schmitt here. I have a special guest today, one of our shining stars inside of incubator, our high level coaching group. Jennifer, I’m gonna bring her on in a second to give her a little background on herself and her journey. But I want to set the tone and set the expectations of this call.

Matt Schmitt: This is just a short little interview. It’s gonna be a conversation, probably more like it on one of the students that I’m super proud to see growing every single day inside of incubator. She’s not only growing herself, but she is also helping the other people inside the group, in the community with ideas almost every single day, I think, but definitely once a week and sharing her journey with everyone else.

Matt Schmitt: Helping us all along this same path, right? That’s what we’re doing inside an incubator. It’s much more than just a course and things like that. It’s really a community that we’re trying to build of all like-minded people who are pushing towards their like goal, the thing that they’re trying to do.

Matt Schmitt: Whatever that is, I call it. Your definition of freedom, right? Just to pay a bill or to change your [00:01:00] life and or be like me and have a house in Mexico and go both ways and go like that, right? So live there. Live here. But enough of me, enough of this. Jennifer, I wanna toss it to you and you give you a little background on yourself.

Matt Schmitt: And then we’ll get right into it. So thank you for bringing, coming onto the call by the way, . Sure. 

Jennifer Kennedy: You’re welcome. It’s great to be here. Yeah, a little bit about me. I’m Jennifer, and I believe, I believe for a long time that it just makes sense in any economy to have something alongside a regular nine to five job.

Jennifer Kennedy: Yeah. So I’ve always, for years and years, had something going on and So I’ve tried a lot of different things and found that, you learn more about yourself in those times, and I’ve found that I really like numbers. Hello eCommerce. , I actually love, what I love is actually like seeing people take action on.

Jennifer Kennedy: Your website that you put out on something that you put up on a screen and someone takes action. Either they look [00:02:00] at it or buy it or whatever. That just makes me wild with , 

Matt Schmitt: that excitement that I see you in the group posting about all the time. Yeah. Yeah, I can see that for sure. 

Jennifer Kennedy: so yeah, I joined. Do you wanna tell, do you want me to.

Jennifer Kennedy: Sure. 

Matt Schmitt: Yeah’s, how we can jump right into it. 

Jennifer Kennedy: Yeah. So I came across your ad on YouTube for some e-commerce coaching, and I said no for a while. And then I said I know I had a little experience with Facebook ads and I liked it at the time, but I was just afraid of the changes and it had been years and I knew it was like a totally different animal.

Jennifer Kennedy: And I thought if I ever do that again, I’m not doing it alone, . I’m not gonna sit there and figure. Whatever. I just want someone to tell me Yeah. How to do it. So I joined actually jewelry, profits, and incubator at the same time in January. Okay. , I just jumped in. I’m like, No, I want the whole thing.

Matt Schmitt: Yeah. That’s great. Yeah. So you came through straight into incubator, [00:03:00] but it was probably mostly you went right into, selling jewelry as well. And following the jewelry profits course that we have inside the incubator, what is it brand? Was it just like you got to be a creative. I see.

Matt Schmitt: See, one thing I think about you is that not only the energy, but the creativity, like those line, those headlines that you’re posting in the group and sharing and things like that. You’re very creative in that. And I think that’s why probably this speaks to you from a top level kind of concept of a business standpoint, 

Jennifer Kennedy: yeah. This business model actually ticks a lot of my boxes, so I get to be creative and I get to see numbers change every day. So yeah. That’s why I like it so much. . 

Matt Schmitt: Yeah. No, I can appreciate that Tiffany, One of our other students had a very similar story, right? She just loves numbers and it’s why can’t I just apply that to to a business, right?

Matt Schmitt: And make it work. I don’t say I love numbers. I probably not on that. I’m more of I I just like being creative and then forced myself onto the numbers side of things once in a while. But no, that’s interesting. It’s always interesting to see how people come into this, [00:04:00] right?

Matt Schmitt: Because if you’re like me, like I, I relate a lot of the stuff that I did growing up. My brothers and I played with Legos and or video games or like superhero stuff or whatever. And that creativity that imagine that imagination is what kind of got me into the ability to create shirt designs and messages and all these other different things.

Matt Schmitt: And then the other stuff you figure out, because I think the big thing for you and I would like you to talk about a little bit is that you’ve dabbled in this before, but. Spec, specifically is you jumped into it and you have had a, we had a little bit of a conversation before this because I actually had to schedule you for this.

Matt Schmitt: But I’m proud of the amazingly proud of the growth that you’ve had. I’ve seen you have over this little bit of time. So that little spark that you had, cuz I obviously translated into more of that since then. So you found, like I said, like you came in through the one thing. You like numbers and stuff like that, but you had to figure out everything else too.

Matt Schmitt: So could you talk a little bit about that and like your journey so far in that figuring everything out and maybe testing and scaling [00:05:00] and the things that you’ve done? 

Jennifer Kennedy: that’s a big question. Yeah, it is a 

Matt Schmitt: big question. . Yeah. Yeah. Didn, I didn’t wanna big it all. Small questions. 

Jennifer Kennedy: yeah.

Jennifer Kennedy: I joined in January and the course has over a hundred videos and I just binged trying to soak it all in and mostly in the beginning that’s actually from fear of, did I sign up for the right thing or am I going to mess it up too much or whatever. I don’t feel like that ever happened, actually, so that was nice.

Jennifer Kennedy: But yeah, so I. All the videos. And then what made me actually say yes in the beginning was the fact that there’s a Slack group with coaches all over the place in there. I’ve been in other programs where that’s not the case and they’re like in a Facebook group sometimes, maybe once a week, and it’s just, it just feels like really hard.

Jennifer Kennedy: But this felt so much better. Yeah, so I started on the Shine on platform actually, and made my first sales there. And it was so fun because [00:06:00] once you get your first sale, it’s like, Oh my gosh, what just happened? And I just made that happen. And I’ll never forget that. It was amazing.

Jennifer Kennedy: And then, I didn’t even have to do my own website. Like it was just bare and built and I’m like, This is genius. This is genius . And I was like, Thank you so much guys for making this available. Then when it came time to make a Shopify store, Daniel actually made it for me and I was just like, this is so fantastic and I, it allowed me to expand into email marketing a lot more.

Jennifer Kennedy: Yeah. Which is why I, where I get all those headlines, . Oh, nice. Yeah. Yeah. I subscribe to a lot of email newsletters and rather than like cleaning out and canceling everything, I study their. And what 

Matt Schmitt: they’re, That’s very creative. Yeah. No, yeah. What 

Jennifer Kennedy: they’re promoting and I pick out the ones that I could tweak or use and in the group, like we could all tweak or use these for, maybe it’s fashion, but we could easily make a jewelry, like fashion [00:07:00] accessories or, just some early Black Friday stuff or, just really cool headlines.

Jennifer Kennedy: So yeah, subject. 

Matt Schmitt: Yeah, that. No, that’s great. I think that’s a, a lot of what we teach inside of incubator and then inside of the course is the concept of modeling which is what you’re doing, right? So on a headline level, so that you’re taking something that maybe I don’t, I’m not gonna take credit for it or whatever, but that’s the stuff that I preach to you guys, because that’s how the whole world works, right?

Matt Schmitt: You’re Coke, your Pepsi, your Chevy for those kinds of things. Those are modeling off of each other and. You take that concept and then that’s what you, we look for those sales proof, social proof designs and model off of ’em. You’re just doing that with like headlines that you like too, right?

Matt Schmitt: . It’s the same thing we do with the design too. So now I love that and I wanna touch on something that you said is like the support that you’re given, that’s what we’re aiming to to, to full circle this thing that, that’s in the group is what we are aiming for, because I. A lot of that doubt and fear that maybe you were feeling and maybe you shared this, I know it was for me, but that a lot of the doubt and [00:08:00] the fear in the beginning comes from the fact that you’re alone in your circle of of the real world at least, and your circle of friends, right?

Matt Schmitt: When you’re the one that wants to try something new. Even if it’s two people, right? And you’re, That person’s doing something and you’re doing this, so it feels isolating. You’re like siloed because nobody really understands. I always joke that I’ve been doing this for 10 years and still I have some friends and family members that have no idea what I do for a living.

Matt Schmitt: And the, Or Hey, you still got that T-shirt shop? I’m like, Yeah, I still got a, I’m selling, I have a T-shirt shop. Let’s just leave it at that. know, That’s fine. Because that’s where I. And maybe that’s, you had that same feeling of maybe that isolation and then fear, and a lot of people can relate to that, but you overcame it.

Matt Schmitt: In the moment you trusted thank you by the way. I appreciate and I, wholeheartedly, like that’s what I’m aiming for. So I’d love to hear that, that you trusted us. And then when you came in, the support is what was happening and that’s what got you over through the hundred video Fear too, right?

Matt Schmitt: And there’s a lot of content cuz it’s a [00:09:00] business, like we’re trying to create a business here, right? So there’s a lot of content, but. I see it in the group all the time where you and and Gary and other people who are chiming in and helping people that maybe are a little bit further behind you, because they’re newer to something newer or just Hey, I tried this and this worked. Or Hey, I understand you, right? That’s a thing that when you’re an entrepreneur that is so valuable, I want to hear your opinion on that, and so valuable to have that community because someone understands what you’re going through in the moment and you can lean on that person, even if it’s through a Slack message.

Matt Schmitt: You get to lean on them just a little bit. So I, If you could to just talk a little bit more about that, cuz I think that’s a really critical point for a lot of people. 

Jennifer Kennedy: I remember the first time I heard your story about owning a little t-shirt shop that nobody understands because I was like, Oh my gosh, it still happens.

Jennifer Kennedy: That doesn’t go away. No. What’s in your bank. So that was. So helpful to me that you said that. Cuz I think in the back of my mind, I’m hoping one day that [00:10:00] won’t happen. Now that I know that it still happens, maybe it’s okay now so it hurts a little less. But also, like I was surprised so I don’t really have any entrepreneur friends.

Jennifer Kennedy: Like at my day job, there is nobody. I think talking about any, like you own what you’re doing, what Oh, good for you. And then they walk away. It’s Oh oh, you just can’t share this stuff that What was I gonna say on top of that is, oh God, my friend. So I have a friend who owned his own shop, like a Spencer Gift Shop Oh wow.

Jennifer Kennedy: Kinda thing for years. And I thought if there’s anyone that I could talk to, it’s him. And he was not even, he was like, Oh, good for you. And then what? , I’m like, What? You own your own business. Like just cause mine’s online does not mean, ugh. Anyway. Yeah. 

Matt Schmitt: No, that, that’s funny. There it is. It is. It is tough, right?

Matt Schmitt: Cause I think what it is so and I’m really I’ll keep it short, it’s just even like my accountant and stuff like that, like where I was, he’s like, All [00:11:00] right, we’re going through the books together and I think I’ve told this story probably a million times too, but it’s like we’re going through the books together and goes, All right, where’s your, I.

Matt Schmitt: Where’s your, where’s the volume of your inventory? And I was like, So funny thing I have no inventory . And he is and it is I could see like his numbers brain, right? His numbers brain is just What? No, that doesn’t make any sense. Here’s your sales. Like, where’s your inventory? And Yeah it, it is, I got friends that own construction company.

Matt Schmitt: I got friends that own a couple different, obviously now I have no friends with multiple different businesses are all across the world and stuff like that through Facebook and my journey and digital marketing and everything. But this. This model, this interest this type of business model, right?

Matt Schmitt: Is unique. And that’s why we want to support you guys so much is because not a lot of people are gonna get in, even if they’re business owners are not gonna get it. You might be able to share customers, stories or something like that, right? Or customer troubles or shipping, like we’re both, oh man, lead times are, crazy with, with with stock and stuff like that for my [00:12:00] supplier and.

Matt Schmitt: You can share stuff like that, but like otherwise, they’re not gonna get it. So that’s why we wanted to create this community. That’s great. You’ve done fantastic so far. I, and I joked with you because you’re like, Hey, my sales aren’t where I want to be. , and I was like, Guess what?

Matt Schmitt: My sales aren’t where I wanna be either. , It’s Oh, that doesn’t go away either. You talk about like you, you’re this feeling that never goes away. That’s actually a really good feeling that you have there because you can tap into that for motivation to work continuously. But if I was just like, You know what, I’m good.

Matt Schmitt: Move on. Where is that gonna, where’s that gonna get me? At any point in time. But you have created , Are you cool with me, Sharon? How much you’ve generated so far? That’s fine. Yeah. Yeah. It is over $5,000 in sales so far. Not only that, but you’ve learned the structure of this business in my opinion.

Matt Schmitt: You’re piecing all this together. Wow. You are doing a nine to. And from this entire time you’re working this entire [00:13:00] time, putting your feet under you on a real business. That’s going to generate you income as long as you want to do it. It’s gonna generate you income for the, for the future.

Matt Schmitt: And I think, like I told you, this is the shirt in my background here. You can see my finger in this video. This is the shirt, the first shirt I ever sold for a profit. It’s not, I say that because it’s not the first shirt I ever. It’s the first shirt I ever stole for a prophet, and it’s now in here because it remem, I remember the perspective and I remember that it takes one spark and someone like you, Jennifer, is just one hit away.

Matt Schmitt: And the good news is you’ve done the right moves and you have this structure in place, the knowledge in place and you’re ta you’re that idea on the email. I didn’t even think about that. I was like, Oh, that’s really good. I probably should do that. Cause I’m just sitting over here unsubscribing literally every day.

Matt Schmitt: I’m like, How did I get on this email list? No. It’s gone . So yeah, I think that’s proud. I want to, I want you to speak about that journey a little bit if you can. You don’t have to go too much into it, it’s just up to you. But I think it’s critical for people to [00:14:00] understand Zero.

Matt Schmitt: Not even zero. Because that would mean you, you took nothing, like you had to put a zero on the board first, so you took that step. Yeah. And now you have $5,000 and you’re generating you’re doing this and you’re putting the foundations in place while having it a day job. Just talk about that a little bit because that’s where a lot of people were at.

Jennifer Kennedy: It’s not easy . 

Matt Schmitt: It’s worthwhile. So nothing easy. Nothing worthwhile is easy. So 

Jennifer Kennedy: yeah, I could write a book on that, but , let’s see, like important points or something helpful. Whatever. 

Matt Schmitt: I’m really proud of that. I’ll guide you a little bit. How do you balance it, right? Cause I know you did something really cool.

Matt Schmitt: I know, but how did you, how do you balance this workload that you have? Because you create, you had a workload and then you created an additional amount of workload for you. So how do you balance that? Cuz a lot of people are in that moment that might be taking that or need to take more of that right 

Jennifer Kennedy: on their shoulders.

Jennifer Kennedy: Okay One of the things that I love that I have in place is a system of getting things done. So I [00:15:00] have what we do is highly repetitive of course. We’re creating something, we’re testing it, and we’re doing it over and over again. Let’s say like I have a system where I know if I have 10 minutes, I can sit down, look in my system.

Jennifer Kennedy: Be productive to the next step for that one thing for 10 minutes and move it to the next thing. So I think that has been really my saving grace in being able to make progress every day. I know I can just hop in, get that done. I’ve got like shortcuts all over my . All over my bookmarks bar, and they’re an order of check here, answer messages here.

Jennifer Kennedy: And then, so I go left to right on my bookmarks bar check stats, check ad sets, and everything’s sorted the way I need it to be able to make fast decisions. That’s how I have it set up. 

Matt Schmitt: That’s great. Squeeze in. But one thing I wanted talk about too is you approach. Your boss, right? I did.

Matt Schmitt: And [00:16:00] then you got approval to, to I did. Yeah. So talk about that just for a little bit, because people, some people don’t even think about that. And funny story is, guess who else did that? Did you? I did well many moons ago, but yes. Yeah. So talk about your decision, cuz that’s probably like the people, some people don’t even register that on the radar.

Matt Schmitt: But talk about that a little bit because that’s a big move. 

Jennifer Kennedy: It was for me, and it took a lot to, to get to that point. So I reached a point in the incubator and the jewelry profits where I was like, Look, I’m like running ragged. I need something to give. And you don’t, you assume you’re nine to five is like not the giving point, , because you have a boss, you have responsibilities, you have everything.

Jennifer Kennedy: And I think it was a mixture of. I do get to work from home a very little bit, but he trusts me so he knows that I’ll respond. He knows that I’ll, So we’re building this really good working relationship [00:17:00] and I, the first thing I did was I showed him samples and I told him what I’m doing. So that wasn’t the same time, but I brought in some samples.

Jennifer Kennedy: Hey, I’ve got some show and tell. I just wanted to show you what I’m up to because if you’re on your laptop at lunch every day, it can, people can get suspicious about what are you doing on the computer at work Maybe your personal laptop. So I thought I’d just nipped that in the bud. I, so I brought in my jewelry samples.

Jennifer Kennedy: I was like, Hey, this is what I’m doing on my laptop at lunch. And he loved it. He was like, Oh my gosh, I’m gonna remember you at birthdays and Christmas and whatever. And I was like, Oh, cool. So he really was open to it and we haven’t had a problem. And then I realized then you, Matt, you like doubled and tripled the amount of live classes.

Matt Schmitt: Yeah. Yeah. And I was like, oh. . And 

Jennifer Kennedy: yeah. I was like, Okay. Okay. I was like, How am I gonna handle this? Okay, so I wanna go, Of course I wanna go live, but it’s like at the very, I’m not done with work [00:18:00] yet at that time. And I was like, Oh. And it’s just killing me. Yeah. So at first I tried to like, just watch the replays and I’m like, This is killing me.

Jennifer Kennedy: I wanna go live. I was like, I’m gonna have to ask, I’m gonna ask him. I’m just gonna ask him. Cuz I, I started to feel. I want this to work. I want this to be my thing. Yeah. I love so many things about it. And if I’m gonna be like that, I can’t put it second so far. Second, I have to nudge it up a little bit in the day.

Jennifer Kennedy: And I, so I went to my boss and I said, Look I’m still in this class. And I said, They have live calls at the very end of my workday, and I’m really, and I’m missing them and I’m missing out on this really valuable information. I can ask questions and it’s part of the course and, I’m paying for this course and I want, I don’t wanna miss it.

Jennifer Kennedy: And he said, Fine. That’s all . . 

Matt Schmitt: I was, Oh, . 

Jennifer Kennedy: Cause if you think about it, your coworkers, they have kids, like my [00:19:00] coworkers have kids. Yeah. They take time off to go do stuff with them. Like school’s out early. Like they have, they’re shuffling kids around and I don’t happen to have that, but I would love to shuffle my life around my course.

Jennifer Kennedy: And he said, 

Matt Schmitt: See so a couple of takeaways from me in this whole thing, right? Is that you identified that this is a priority for you and I, we did put a lot of new live stuff in the course. And live coach at Wim, we got coaches out the yin yang, right? We got a daily ads coach.

Matt Schmitt: We got all these different cool things because we wanna support a full. Full 360 of your journey, right? That’s the goal of incubator. But this was a priority for you. Changing, doing this thing was a priority for you, and you mustered up that energy, and I’m proud of you for doing that because a lot of people don’t even consider it.

Matt Schmitt: And you had a, you’re hit it, the nail in the head. So my revelation of this was nothing against it, if this is your personal choices, that you wouldn’t do it. But I had a guy that I worked with, a coworker that I worked with that was a smoker, so he every. Two [00:20:00] hours was gone, 15 minutes, 20 minutes. And I was doing the math in my head and I’m that’s fine.

Matt Schmitt: Nobody says anything to that. So I was like, Hey, I forget what exactly what it’s, cuz it’s been a almost a decade. But it was like, can I dip out on Thursdays? And Tuesdays and Thursdays an hour early doing exact cuz of this reason because I gotta get down, get home to this thing and I’d rather be live.

Matt Schmitt: And he said, Yeah. And I was. That’s that easy. Awesome. Because the concept of a work life balance is a very important thing. A lot of people do that, right? They do want you to have that, and if this is a priority for you, Then you make it work. And that’s one what I think is one of the, and that was a recent thing in your journey too.

Matt Schmitt: But I think that itself and that mindset itself is gonna really materialize into something for you, because that is every aspect of your life. One of my, not to go back to it, but like, how do I end at five o’clock every day? That’s what I do. That’s the priority, right? Because my little girl gets home from school at five, right?

Matt Schmitt: So [00:21:00] that’s what, so everything else gets prioritized around that. And that’s exactly what you did. And anybody that’s coming into this would have to learn up that skill too. So that’s like when we say 360, incubators just more than just a course and things like that. This group, this is the kind of stuff that I love coming out of it.

Matt Schmitt: Cuz if you stick with that mentality, you’re gonna go really far. Cuz most people don’t do that. They just. Can’t do it, right? And I let a priority slip away, so I have to ask a question. And it’s just to help everybody in here. Do you think an incubator was worth the cost and the investment into your future?

Jennifer Kennedy: Oh my gosh, yes. Oh my gosh. , 

Matt Schmitt: That was a good answer. 

Jennifer Kennedy: Oh my gosh. . Yeah. Yeah. It’s just, like you said I do feel like I’m in a position where, it’s just a matter of testing and time and all the systems are in place. Like all of them. Like all of them. . Yeah. If someone gets in my cart and they didn’t check out, too bad for them cuz they’re getting emails, , , like all systems good for you are set [00:22:00] up and they’re go and it’s just, it’s a great feeling to be in 

Matt Schmitt: that.

Matt Schmitt: Yeah. That’s amazing. Yeah. That’s what we’re going for. And it will, by the way, you’re working through at the time of this video, you’re working through, economic uncertainty, putting a foundation in your place, in the place to where you’re not gonna be walking once this uncertainty period passes, you’re gonna be sprinting. And that’s where I think a lot of people, and that’s something that’s straight outta my mentor, is as my mentality is like where a lot of people would. I don’t know. You’re like, Hey, I’m making it work. I’m putting the foundations in place. I’m investing into this future.

Matt Schmitt: Because when it clicks, it’s gonna click and it’s gonna, you’re gonna be, like I said, not walking, sprinting That’s amazing. I appreciate you saying that, and I am, that’s what we’re aiming for, so I’m very happy that you feel that way. Last thing I’ll ask you do you have a message for the other people inside incubator and, or, somebody to join incubator of, whatever, like you, Not necessarily about incubator.

Matt Schmitt: Entrepreneurship or whatever kind of message that you’ve [00:23:00] come to come to, realize over your journey so far? 

Jennifer Kennedy: just like in this time in my life, I decided I will. My number one priority is a good boss. Also my number one priority is a good group is to be in. There’s nothing like being in a good group.

Jennifer Kennedy: There’s nothing like having a boss you like this is where I wanna be. This is how I wanna live my life, surrounded by people that I like. 

Jennifer Kennedy: The first few times I was on a call with some of your coaches just it really struck me. They, their whole heart is there for you. It’s not like they’re reading a script. It’s not like they’re, this is the lesson for today. Good luck. It’s in other programs I’ve been in, not like e-commerce, this is my first e-commerce, but they’ll.

Jennifer Kennedy: Someone will have a question and they’ll say, Hey, this is where you look for that answer here. I don’t even mind if the coach takes the time to walk the person through it, with we’re all sitting there online and I love that, even though I think [00:24:00] someone did that for me once.

Jennifer Kennedy: But I love that they take the time to do that. . Yeah, I think I’m a lifer. Matt?

Matt Schmitt: I, Yeah, no, that, that is I’d love to hear that too, right? Because I’m not on a lot of those calls besides the ones that I run. But yeah, that’s why we picked them, right? This is this. Yeah. And the beauty of being in a group where you’re with like-minded people is those long calls where somebody’s, I’m, if I’m walking you through something specific, As long as you have an open mind.

Matt Schmitt: And that’s what we ask of everybody in incubator, be like, Hey look and pay attention to what’s going on right now, because more than likely that’s gonna relate to you in some way. And I just got something outta you on this call like that because I’m walking into these things and always trying to have that open mind.

Matt Schmitt: So I do really appreciate your time, Jennifer. I know you’re I know you’re busy, , because we talk all the time. I will let you get back to it. Thank you so much. Thank you for being part of Incubator because I know you bring a lot to this group and I know you will hopefully for a lifetime is what you’re saying.

Matt Schmitt: And then I can’t wait to see you, really get this click for you. I know it’s in the works. It’s just a matter of time because I know you’re putting in the effort. I do [00:25:00] appreciate you. And if you have anything else to say now’s the time. Otherwise, We’ll see you later.

Jennifer Kennedy: Thanks so much, Matt. I appreciate you too. If you’re on the fence, just jump in with both feet. You like numbers, you like to be creative. You’re in the right place. Let’s go . Love it. See 

Matt Schmitt: you in the, I see you in the group. See?

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