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The Skup Incubator
And get our personal help with scaling your brand to 7 figures and beyond within months…
The Skup Incubator is Where 7-Figure eCom biz owners are made

The Skup Incubator program gives you the COACHING, TOOLS & PERSONALIZED GUIDANCE you need to start, grow, or scale your eCommerce business to 7 figures and beyond within a matter of months.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re brand new to eCommerce or you already have a running store…

This program is going to help you make your FIRST sale or your FIRST MILLION as an eCommerce brand owner.

This is a rare opportunity to join an ELITE group of entrepreneurs who will be at your side all the way through and guide you on your way to SUCCESS.

Why choose Skup?

Since launching our ORIGINAL store back in 2013, we’ve generated more than $50MM in eCom sales.

And we also SCALED our 3 brand new stores to multiple 7 figures in revenue per year… ALL IN DIFFERENT NICHES SELLING DIFFERENT PRODUCTS.

In fact, one of those stores did over $18,000,000 in sales in 2020 alone. And we then sold that store for a HUGE 7-figure deal.

You can rest assured that we’ve developed a PROVEN, REPEATABLE, AND SCALABLE SYSTEM for building a million-dollar eCommerce business that works in every niche regardless of what products you sell.

“Good for you, what about your students?”

We’ve taken countless people from $0 in sales to multiple 6 and even 7 figures & beyond in revenue per year.

Just take a second to imagine what it would be like for you to run an PROFITABLE 7-figure eCommerce business…

You can retire from your “day” job and never have to adhere to someone else’s schedule again because your business will be PROVIDING more than enough for you.

You’ll see what it feels like to unlock REAL FREEDOM so you can be the ONE to determine when you’re going to work, when you’re going to take a day off, and when you’re going to go on a family vacation… WITHOUT having to ask someone else for “permission.”

But what’s really GREAT about building a 7-figure online business is that you can then SELL your business for millions of dollars and retire from work until the rest of your life. You’ll be able to secure a BETTER future for yourself and your family. And you’ll even be able to leave a legacy for your kids and grandkids.

Our purpose here at Skup is to help you UNLOCK YOUR DEFINITION OF FREEDOM so you can live life on your own terms and do whatever you want… whether that is to travel the world more, gift generously to your favorite charity, spend more time with friends & family, go on mountain hikes, or whatever. We strive for YOUR SUCCESS.

Why have more than 256 people chosen the Skup Incubator over every other eCommerce program in the world?
“This group, by far, is the BEST I’ve ever been part of”

Special thanks to Vicol and Daniel and their team for their constant support and the awesome store they created for me.

They took my vision and made it into a reality. It’s a great day!

The fact that so many people invest in your success and are willing to share tips, even their own struggles and continually challenge you to work on your mindset is beyond generous and amazing.

It helped me break through the $1000 milestone for this month.

I had my first sale yesterday!!! It’s all up hill from here.

The truth is…
  • You can spend hours every single day watching YouTube videos and learning new strategies for growing your business…
  • You can buy the best courses out there on how to start and grow your eCommerce business to 6 figures…
  • You can go to the most famous marketing conferences in the world and learn from the best in the industry…

However, nothing ever comes close to the results you’ll get by having a REAL mentor.

“Having a mentor is the most important thing”
Tiffany Cui (an Incubator student with over $1,000,000 in sales)

A real mentor is someone who has already done what you’re trying to do (we have scaled two of our eCom stores to high 7 figures/yr and one to $20MM/yr all in different niches selling different products)…

A real mentor is someone who is still actively doing what you’re trying to do and they are doing it successfully (we are still running 2 highly successful million-dollar brands)…

And most of all, a real mentor is someone who can give you the best advice that applies directly to your situation…

… which is exactly what you’ll get when you sign up for the Skup Incubator program.

Unlike most of the gurus in our industry, who don’t have any track record of success and are teaching the same regurgitated strategies that used to work back in 2017…

Matt and the other expert coaches you’re going to get DIRECT ACCESS to inside Incubator are still actively working in the trenches while making millions of dollars in revenue per year.

You’ll receive the most up-to-date strategies, tactics, and insights that are working RIGHT NOW for building a highly profitable eCommerce business in 2023.

And the #1 reason why the Skup Incubator has been so wildly successful and popular among people who are trying to start their own online business is this…

The three pillars that make Incubator better than the rest
Join the most exclusive eCommerce community and be welcomed as a family member
Get personalized coaching from top experts in the industry
You’ll receive a private coach to ensure you’re making progress towards your goals

Most programs out there neither have the PERSONALIZED coaching, the community, nor the accountability that the Skup Incubator is going to provide you with to ensure you are SUCCESSFUL.

Shortcut your way to a 7-Figure eCom business with personalized coaching

When you join the Skup Incubator program…

You’ll be a part of group coaching sessions with Matt himself and the other top experts in the industry who are going to share their latest industry revenue-generating strategies with you to help you grow your eCommerce business to high 6 and 7 figures as quickly as possible.

You’ll learn to keep your costs at a minimum, how to grow your average order value, how to market your products, and how to appeal to your customer’s desires so they come back buying from you every time.

You see, most eCommerce programs do NOT offer coaching under any type or form.
And those who do…

Well, it’s nowhere near as personalized & thorough as it needs to be to help you build a REAL & THRIVING business that’s going to take care of your financial needs for life.

However, what we’ve found most disturbing about those other programs is that…

Whenever you ask a question, you’ll usually receive some sort of a general advice that’s supposed to work for “every niche & industry” but in reality, it works for none.

And in some groups, they don’t even answer your questions… they just tell you to go and watch the videos inside their course (which is what absolute indifference to your success looks like).

That’s why everyone needs personalized feedback specifically geared towards their situation because everyone is different.

And this is exactly what you’ll get with the group coaching sessions inside the
Skup Incubator program.

Bulletproof your success with our accountability coaches

Almost no eCommerce coaching program we’ve seen offers any type of accountability.


It costs them too much time, money, and energy to keep track of your progress and make sure you’re hitting your goals.

There’s no one there to keep you accountable, make sure you’re taking the right steps, and making progress towards your goals.

You end up feeling alone, angry, and overwhelmed because you have to figure everything out on your own.

Fortunately, that’s not the way it is with Incubator.

When you join our exclusive program, you’ll get a PRIVATE 1-on-1 coach that’s going to jump on calls with you, review your progress, deliver feedback, and give you assignments that will take you closer to your end goal.

“Having you guys around is what keeps me asleep at night” – Incubator Student.

Our private coaches TRULY care about your SUCCESS and will even push you beyond your comfort zone (whenever they find it necessary) to make sure you’re making progress.

A place you can call home

Once you join the Skup Incubator, you’ll be instantly welcomed as part of the family.

A family of like-minded people who share the same goals and are here to help each other grow into better versions of themselves.

And unlike other communities, where everyone is trying to outcompete each other…

Here, everybody is on the mentality of “let’s help each other grow, scale, and get to the next level.”

You’ll surround yourself with like-minded people who truly care about you and want to see you succeed (something you’ll not find anywhere else).

You’ll befriend & learn from other successful 6 and 7-figure store owners who have done what you’re trying to do and are still successfully doing it.

Having access to Skup & our elite group of entrepreneurs, who will all become your lifelong allies and friends, can immediately and forever change the course of your entrepreneurial journey.

There are no shortcuts

Building a wildly profitable and thriving business takes hard work.

This is your unique opportunity to take this epic journey together with us.

We promise you that Skup Incubator will take you to the next level so you can finally experience the personal and financial reward you deserve for yourself and your loved ones.

We can’t wait to welcome you as part of the family!

Overview of what you get
Actual Value
Personalized kickstart private coaching

The FIRST thing you’ll get when you join Incubator is a private executive coach to guide you through every step of your entrepreneurial journey.

You’ll receive 3 private 1-on-1 coaching calls with your coach where they’ll devise your 90-day action plan for turning you into a 6-figure EARNER as quickly as possible.

They’ll also assign you HOMEWORK that you’ll have to complete before getting on your next call to make sure you’re making PROGRESS towards your end goals.

The best part is… your coach is going to keep you accountable all the way through (which is uncommon for most coaching programs).

And you’ll get PERSONAL access to your coach so you can get immediate answers to your questions whenever you’re facing any challenges or obstacles and have no idea how to handle them.

This type of personalized help is CRUCIAL when it comes to making your FIRST SALES.

All you have to do is take action & implement. If you are able to do that, your success with this program is virtually guaranteed.

Actual Value
We’ll personally build or optimize your store to make more sales

Our team of expert designers, developers, and customer success specialists are going to build a professional Shopify store for you so you can stand out from all of the crummy-looking dropshipping sites that scare their customers away.

We are going to base your store off our premium Avatar theme we’ve personally used to generate over $30MM in sales over the years.

We’ll even create your logo, design banners, and fully optimize your store to make sales right from the get go.

Actual Value
(Per Month)
Weekly group coaching with the industry’s top experts

You’ll learn about the latest industry revenue-generating strategies so you can clearly see what works & what doesn’t.

This is going to help you cut through the bullshit information that fake experts spread and reach your business goals faster & easier.

Meet your expert coaches
Matt Schmitt
Matt Schmitt
  • Skup’s CEO & Executive Coach
  • $50MM+ In E-Commerce Sales
  • 10+ Years Starting, Scaling, & Exiting 7 & 8 Figure E-Com Stores
Learn Directly From Skup’s CEO With Over $50MM In Sales

Each month, Matt will jump on TWO calls with group coaching calls with YOU…

  • One will be about growing your eCommerce business…
    And one will be about growing yourself as an entrepreneur…
  • Matt currently runs TWO successful eCom store making millions of dollars where he tests his ideas & gets all of his revenue-generating insights…

And he’s going to share his REAL in-the-trenches experience with you which is going to give you a MASSIVE advantage over your competitors

…Because you’ll use this rare knowledge (you won’t hear anywhere else) to grow your eCom business to 6 figures and beyond FAST & EASY.

  • You’ll learn directly from Matt himself (Skup’s CEO with over $50MM in eCom sales) so you can avoid making all the deadly beginner mistakes that could cost you your business
  • You’ll be able to borrow Matt’s 14 years of digital marketing experience so you can focus on taking the RIGHT steps to move closer to your goals and ignore all of the gurus’ BS information…
  • You’ll receive Matt’s tailored feedback on your store, products, and ads during the Q&A sessions so you don’t have to waste time, energy, and money on testing ideas that may not even work
  • And Matt is also going to host monthly “mindset” coaching calls where you’ll discover how to break through any subconscious obstacles & limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving SUCCESS faster & easier.
Marius Vicol
Marius Vicol
  • Bonus Networking Calls
  • Get to know your fellow Incubator Students
  • Talk to people in your same situation
  • One of our best students Tiffany met her business partner here as well!
Create Lifelong Buddies And Allies On Our Networking Calls

This is where you’ll get the chance to hang out with the members inside of our tight-knit community…

… including the 6 and 7-figure eCommerce EARNERS who once were where you are at right now.

You’ll share common interests, exchange ideas, and help each other grow your business to the NEXT level.

Here’s what you’ll accomplish on these calls:

  • Create lifelong allies and like-minded friends that will SUPPORT you on this journey instead of feeling completely ALONE like most eCom entrepreneurs do…
  • Make business partners just like one of our BEST students, Tiffany, who met hers here and they built a 7-figure eCom brand together (you never know who you’re going to meet on these calls)
  • Get feedback from our Incubator students will give you different perspectives on growing your business (some of the most brilliant ideas we’ve seen come out of these sessions)
  • Have fun :)) Business shouldn’t be all work. We’re here to make friends, money, and impact along the way.
Ashley Boston
Ashley Boston
  • FB Ad Expert & Coach
  • Help you launch & scale profitable campaigns
  • DAILY Q&A timeslot to answer each students specific questions
Daily Facebook Ad Coaching Calls (Actual Value: $5,000)

When it comes to eCommerce, there’s no better traffic source right now than Facebook ads.

However, since there’s a lot of competition on Facebook fighting for attention…

You’ll need to find unique ways to stand out if you want to be profitable.

That’s where Ashley comes in.

She has more than 8 years of experience running ads on Facebook & COACHING others on how to create highly-profitable FB ads…

And she’ll be hosting 5 coaching calls per week where she’ll be sharing her ad ”hacks” for lowering your costs, increasing your reach, and boosting revenue.

  • You’ll discover how to write highly-profitable ads so you don’t waste your hard-earned dollars without seeing any positive ROI.
  • You’ll learn targeting “hacks” on how to find ONE money-making audience that you can sell to over and over again AT PROFIT without testing brand new audiences all the time
  • Ashley is going to share her BEST compliance practices so you can prevent your ad account from getting banned and slowing down your entire business while you hope it gets reinstated
  • You’ll find out how to run retargeting campaigns that are so EFFECTIVE that they’ll convert up to 30% of your lost sales at a ridiculously low cost per acquisition (CPA).
  • You’ll get PERSONALIZED feedback on improving your ad campaigns so you don’t have to second-guess every single decision you make These calls could be worth tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for you.

These calls could be worth tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for you.

Actual Value
Lifetime access to all Skup courses, themes, apps & training

You’ll get access to every single training we’ve created over the years. The WHOLE enchilada.

This includes our best-selling program Jewelry Profits which shows you the FASTEST way to start a profitable 6-figure Jewelry eCommerce business… WITHOUT dropshipping from China, spending thousands of dollars on inventory upfront, or waiting for months to see results.v

Inside Jewelry Profits, you’ll find out...
  • How to set up your Shopify store in just 15 minutes, with ZERO coding & design skills…
  • How to optimize your store for maximum conversions…
  • How to use our CiC method for creating high-converting Facebook ads…
  • And how to create loyal fans and evangelists of your brand that will tell their friends & family about your products.

When you join Incubator, you’ll also receive our DFY Jewelry Software where you’ll find proven message card designs we’ve personally used to generate millions of dollars in sales.

Inside Jewelry Profits, you’ll find out...

You can literally copy-paste those onto your website, run traffic, and enjoy the sales rolling in.

And you’ll get the P.O.D. system for starting your own profitable 6-figure Print On Demand business

PLUS… free access to our premium Avatar theme which we’ve personally used to generate $30,000,000 over the years.

Unlike other free Shopify themes limited in features, the Avatar theme was specifically designed for Print On Demand store owners and it’s been proven to increase your store’s sales.

You’re getting all the tools you need to in order to turn first-time buyers into loyal customers of your brand raving over your products.

Actual Value
Get access to our private community of experts & students

This is our HOME base. This is where you’ll network with every single member inside of this community including all of our 6 and 7-figure students. You’ll surround yourself with like-minded people and you’ll grow together both personally and professionally.

You can ask any questions you want and get the answers you seek. Tiffany met her business partner inside this community…

Together, they’ve built a REAL brand that’s making millions of dollars in revenue per year.

This is the place where we’ll talk every single day, hang out, exchange cool ideas, and help each other.

Master the strategies working TODAY for scaling your business to 7 figures and beyond
Valentine’s Day
Promotional Strategies
Take advantage of & dominate one of the most profitable holidays
Conversion Rate
Optimization Workshop
Double your profits without spending more on ads
Omnipresence & Mastering Paid Traffic
A-Z from basics to mastery, become a traffic pro with FB, TikTok, Google Shopping & more
Mother’s Day
Strategy & Execution
Custom tailored strategies to help you capitalize on this massive holiday
Father’s Day Strategy & Execution
Custom tailored strategies to help you capitalize on this massive holiday
Brand Product Expansion
Expand your brand & skyrocket your revenue
Increasing Average Order Value (AOV) Workshop
Use these secrets to get more $ from EVERY customers
Million-Dollar Brand
Building Masterclass
How to build a lasting brand with raving fans
Q4 Preparation
VITAL strategies for maximizing profits in the biggest sales quarter of the year
Black Friday
Blowout Strategies
We reveal our promotional strategies, emails sequences, SMS, & more to stand out & maximize profits
Christmas & Holiday Strategies
Take advantage of the biggest sales events of the year
Tracking & Analytics Masterclass
Scale your store by understanding the data
Advanced Email Marketing Strategies
Powerful strategies to automate your marketing
How To Create Your Dream Life
How to accomplish “Impossible” goals in record time & change your life forever
When will you be ready?

If you’re READY to apply for a spot inside the Skup Incubator program…

You can book your free consultation call with one of our advisors below so we can explore the BEST way to help you build a 6-figure eCommerce business…

If you’re still hesitant about applying for
a spot inside the Skup Incubator...
I want you to take a look at this image below:
This is a 90-year human life in months.

Each CIRCLE represents ONE month.

And each ROW is equal to 3 YEARS.

Makes sense? Good.

This is a 90-year human life in months.
Let’s say you’re about 45 years of age right now…

The red rectangle left shows all the time you have left until your days are over…

Let’s say you’re about 
45 years of age right now…
And the yellow rectangle shows all the time that has PASSED up until this moment…

So, everything inside the YELLOW rectangle is GONE. FOREVER. You can’t bring it back.

What scary though is that this YELLOW rectangle grows LARGER by the day.

And the yellow rectangle shows all the time that has PASSED up until this moment…
We spend the day dreaming about doing something meaningful with our lives, but we never take action...
  • The big dream to go traveling, but never booking a ticket.
  • The dream to start a business, but never building up the courage to start.
  • The dream to have a great body, but never being motivated to go workout.
  • The dream to succeed in college, but not having the willpower to study.
  • The dream to be wealthy, but not having the discipline to build it.
  • The dream to get married, but never being brave enough to commit.
  • The dream to have a loving family, but never taking time off work.
  • The dream to help other people, but never having the self-belief to try.
Everything can be done tomorrow, until it can’t.

Life is the biggest deadline of them all.

So, I have one last question for you, the person who is reading this…

What would you do RIGHT NOW if you knew today was your LAST day here?