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The 100% Free Method That Will Cause Your Ads To Generate More Results Instantly.

Devin Zander 6 years and 8 months ago
The 100% Free Method That Will Cause Your Ads To Generate More Results Instantly.
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How Simple Adjectives Can Instantly Double Your Sales. Don’t Know What An Adjective Is? Time To Learn & EARN!

Okay so, truth be told… I really didn’t plan on ever writing a blog post again. I enjoy VLOGs too much, they’re easy & I love the quality/how personal it is being on video

However, I made a comment on Facebook the other day about using adjectives to boost your sales and this is the responses I was met with

Thanks for the inspiration to write this!

Color me surprised, who knew that people actually wanted a lesson in basic English with a little psychology peppered in on the side… (Side note, Brutus loves his steak’s peppered & apparently Tigers do as well according to the movie the Hangover)

And I suppose the fact that this simple Psychology can instantly boost your sales makes it a very sexy subject & I love sexy subjects because it gets me, readers! How selfish of me making content that will help you make money for the SOLE REASON OF GETTING MORE READERS

Anyway, I know you’re tired of talking dogs, steak & Freud (Sigmund, cmon now!) so let’s get into the MEAT OF THIS CONTENT… Okay seriously I’m done talking about steak now

Really quickly though, for the sake of translation and just so everyone knows what an Adjective is… Here’s a quick definition

Adjective: A word or phrase naming an attribute, added to or grammatically related to a noun to modify or describe it.

So to put it simply, an adjective basically describes a person, place, or thing

Words such as Fun, Quick, FEROCIOUS… You get the idea

Let’s get to the fun stuff

How Adjectives Are Going To Make You RICH…er

First off I want to say adjectives aren’t going to make you rich alone, but they do have the power to tip failing campaigns into that sexy “WIN!” campaign and they also have the power to take that already winning campaign into stratospheric levels

So let’s look at a few fun facts about adjectives

  • They’ll make your ads receive more clicks
  • They’ll make your products have more sales
  • They’ll make your CPC (Costs Per Click) on your ads cheaper with the increase in relevance score and clicks

So… They kind of MAKE you more money while SAVING you money on ads. Holy guacamole someone call the President this is crazy

You know what’s even crazier though? The REALLY CRAZY THING? Is that nobody has ever taught you this before… I mean this is sales 101

And what are you doing with any type of ad? YOU’RE SELLING SOMETHING

The fact that you’ve been taught how to make money with ads but have never been taught basic sales psychology is the biggest oxymoron ever and I’d like to point out whoever did you this injustice deserves a soft kick to the shins (just kidding, maybe)

“To me, job titles don’t matter. Everyone is in sales. It’s the only way we stay in business.” – Harvey Mackay

The point is, you need to implement this now. 99% of what you’re doing is sales, learn basic sales psychology and what happens?

You make more sales, more money, more freedom, more of whatever lifestyle you deserve.. And I get more readers, checkmate.

Time To Learn The Actual Steps To Boosting Them Sales Instantly.

(Skip To This If You Hate Comedic Writing Full Of Character That I Poured My Entire Heart & Soul Into)

I hope you didn’t skip ahead… I’m here alone at Chipotle putting my heart and soul into this

So, let’s get started… Today you’ll learn how you can make more sales, get more clicks on your ads ANDDD BEST OF ALL… Spend less on ads at the same time (SOUNDS LIKE A REAL WINNER HUH, BRUTUS?)

Just a boy and his ball

Now, we’ll be doing this BY:

  • Harnessing the power of “Word Smithing” to paint a vivid picture in our customer’s mind of them using our products
  • Using simple psychology to get more clicks on our ads
  • And finally, implementing that same psychology on our product pages to increase sales

Let’s Get Started With A Little Exercise.

(YES you can stay in your chair, it’s not that kind of exercise)

I want you to imagine that you own a Lamborghini, Ferrari, maybe a GTS like the one pictured below

Fun fact, that’s my dog’s garage

Now think about this car for 10 seconds or so. Imagine what you would do, where you would go, how it would sound, how it would feel to drive around in your brand new car

Take the next 10 seconds to do that

10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

At this point, you probably have a pretty vivid image painted in your mind. Maybe you imagine driving down the highway along the beach going 90 Miles Per Hour… The deafening ROAR of the engine behind you as it accelerates you past everyone else with absolute ease and minimal effort.

Maybe you imagined all the envious stares, looks and compliments you’re getting in your new supercar…

Whatever it is that you imagined, you imagined it clearly and it most likely brought some sort of excitement and joy to you, simply from you IMAGINING it happening.

Vivid Pictures like the one you just created in your mind is EXACTLY what your ads and product pages NEED to accomplish.

And this is all possible thanks to a little process known as “Word Smithing”

You’re The Smith Of Your Own Life – Create A Profitable One!

Alright, what exactly… Is Word Smithing?

My definition is this

Wordsmithing: The process of revising material until it paints a vivid picture in your audiences’ mind. Adding and removing adjectives & personal words and/or phrases until you’ve reached the perfect description.

Whenever you’re writing anything, it doesn’t matter if it’s an email, a headline, ad copy, maybe even just asking your boss for a raise… This is a MUST IMPLEMENT PROCESS to get the absolute BEST results

“Always Word Smith, words to live by.” – Devin Zander (Did this dude really just quote himself on his own blog? What a tool!)

Let’s do a few examples unrelated to eCommerce really quickly.. This will give you an overview of how the process works and how you can implement it as well

For our first example, let’s say our starting ad copy or the purpose of our copy is as follows:

“Make More Money”

First, you want to make your ads or your copy PERSONAL, make it about your SUBJECT and address them directly. So rather than just saying “Make More Money” we’ll change that to:

“How YOU Can Make More Money”

Next, we’ll help paint an actual picture in our customer’s mind by making it real, by bringing it into their actual lives with a time and date

“How You Can Make More Money in 3 Days”

We also want to make the process painless for our target audience, I mean who wants to go out of their way for anything? So now we can add something such as “Without Ever Leaving Home” We also add “short” to stress how quickly 3 days truly is

“How You Can Make More Money In 3 Short Days  Without Ever Leaving Home”

Next, we want to take it even further, so we’re going to change “Home” to “Bed” and we’re going to put a “Your” before it to make it even more personal

“How You Can Make More Money In 3 Short Days  Without Ever Leaving Your Bed”

Now, remember our main goal is to PAINT A PICTURE of this scenario, so we want to use some vivid adjectives to help paint the picture and paint a scene that our target customer wants to live out… So we’ll add the word “comfort” before bed

“How You Can Make More Money In 3 Short Days  Without Ever Leaving The Comfort Of Your Bed”

Pretty sweet & simple huh Brutus… Oh yeah, I forgot I’m putting this on my blog as well and not just having Brutus read it… I should probably address my readers too (you’re probably tired of hearing about my dog)

Pretty sweet & simple, huh reader? ????

What we’ve done is taken a boring phrase such as “Make More Money” and trust me… People post bullsh** like that all the time and hope it works. And we’ve made it personal so addresses our target customers directly… And we’ve also painted a picture of the entire scenario in their head so now they know what the experience looks like… And they want to live out themselves, leading them to do what? CLICK ON OUR AD & BUY

Now, let’s take a quick look at an eCommerce Example you can implement into your eCommerce Business.

So we have some stores in pet niches and we’ll go with a “Dog Ring” as our example

So let’s start out with a very basic headline like we did above

“Dog Ring”

So first off let’s make it PERSONAL and about our target customer… I imagine when you’re selling a dog ring it’s a certain breed of dog.. So we can make it personal to our customer by attaching their dog’s breed to the ring

“French Bulldog Ring”

Now that it’s more personalized to our target customer, we want to start painting that vivid picture of our ring inside of our target customer’s mind… Think inside of your customer’s head, how can we relate this product to a picture they want to live out? What do people love to do with their dogs other than walk around playing Pokemon Go? They  love to CUDDLE their dogs

“Cuddly French Bulldog Ring”

Now we want to help paint even more of a picture, so we take a look at our product and see that it has a sort of Rustic or Antique feel to the ring itself… So we can use these adjectives to help paint a better picture of our customers wearing the ring

“Antique Cuddly French Bulldog Ring”

Now we want to add a little scarcity and let our customers know that if they don’t buy now they might never have the chance

“Limited Edition, Antique Cuddly French Bulldog Ring”

Now if you wanted to add “Free Shipping” or something like that as well here’s your chance

“Limited Edition, Antique Cuddly French Bulldog Ring FREE SHIPPING”

Easy as pie baby, paint that picture.

Yeah, it’s a baby painting… That’s how easy this is. Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/babygigglers/painting-gigglers/

Let’s See This Baby In Action, How About Some Side By Side Comparisons!
Which one of these ads do you think will be receiving more of those precious clicks?

If you thought to yourself or said aloud to your dog “#2” Woohoo congrats you’re correct! You go girl, guy, baby… You go

#2 paints that VIVID picture that we keep talking about. We took away objections our customers might have by saying they’re comfortable, stylish and durable… And we get them imagining themselves doing what they love most… Conquering peaks or daunting trials

And the best part is… They imagined doing these things WEARING OUR BOOTS

And what’s even cooler is we’re also kind of painting the image that these boots will help them tackle harder trails or courses or whatever… Making them think these shoes will make them a better hiker or climber, do you think they’ll want them if they think that?

F*** Yeah they will, sorry excuse my language, I meant F***KING RIGHT THEY WILL.. Better?

Just like you imagine yourself driving that Lamborghini made you want one… That’s what your ads need to accomplish and now you’re armed with the exact tools to make it happen

Thanks so much for your time, I hope you enjoyed my post

Also if you want updates like this all the time and also want our help building up your online business, just visit our downloads page and download some of our free training and checklists!

We’ll then email you whenever we come out with training

And  I promise I’ll try to talk about my dog less, though that’s a hard promise to keep

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