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Why We’re Deleting Our Facebook Group (And Why You Should Too)

Devin Zander 5 years and 3 months ago
Why We’re Deleting Our Facebook Group (And Why You Should Too)
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Well HELLO THERE! It’s me Devin Zander the Captain of this ship known as SMART Apps

I guess Ahoy would have been more appropriate than Hello There… Retrospect is always 20/20

Anyways, let’s get straight to the point! We’re deleting Our SMART Apps Facebook Group *GASP!*

This is a decision that’s months in the making and while it may seem like a negative now, in this post I’ll be showing you why this is the greatest thing since kitten mittins (just give the video a watch if you haven’t, thank me later.)

We’re Deleting The Group Because We Care About YOU!

At the end of the day we’re an App company. We create apps that allow YOU to sell better on Shopify and to increase the order value on your Shopify store.

The truth is, if we’re spending all day monitoring a Facebook group we’re doing a HUGE DISSERVICE to you as our customer.

Let’s do some math (I promise it’s better than algebra don’t break out in a cold sweat)

Currently our Facebook group has 20,000+ members AND honestly I’d say less than 500 of them are active at this point. Yet we have 50,000+ customers in total… So that means if we’re spending time in our Facebook group we’re ignoring about 49,500 of our users and the help they need (which is related to our apps)

And the big part about the Facebook group that really does our customers a disservice… I would say less than 10% of those 500 people are even customers.

Our Goal Is To Provide The Best Experience Possible For Our Users And Help Them Accomplish Amazing Things

So at the end of the day we did some more math (no calculator required baby!) it’d take about 30-60 minutes per day to respond to Facebook requests so on average let’s say that’s 45 minutes per day 365 days per year

That comes out to a whopping 274 hours PER YEAR that we would have to spend in our Facebook group taking care of people who aren’t even our core customer or target market! 11 Days Straight Of Facebook MADNESS answering people who aren’t even customers!

“But Devin, Doesn’t The Facebook Group Help You Acquire Customers?!”

Yeah sure… We’ve gained a few thousand customers from our Facebook group over the years… Here’s the kicker though… We can acquire more customers just from Facebook and YouTube ads over the course of two weeks

Plus it doesn’t take up as much of our time (because we have an employee that handles our ads)

Could we also hire an employee for our group to manage it? Yes… HOWEVER our brand, attitude and voice are extremely important to us. How we interact with you and make you feel means the world to us. Do we want to trust a random coach we hired to adhere to our values and give you the best information possible? No.

So the choice was obvious, we can acquire more customers by not focusing on the group AND we could save a lot of our own time in the process.

Why Is TIME The Most Important Aspect Out Of All Of This?

And why are we so “Customer Hungry?!” Why are we making this decision just because we want customers? Are we that greedy?


The more customers we can generate, the more revenue we can generate. The more revenue we can generate means more employees. More employees means better apps to help you increase your revenue and simplify your eCommerce business.

So at the end of the day our goal is to spend our time doing things that will actually increase the amount of revenue you generate.

We aren’t going to waste time in a Facebook group. Instead we’ll spend our time building the best team possible and continue to create and improve amazing applications to help your Shopify experience.

We promise to do all that we can to increase your store’s revenue and simplify the shopping experience for your customers at the same time.

Our goal is to make Shopping simple for your customers and our apps simple for you.

So what will SMART Apps spend it’s time doing now that we’re off Facebook?

  • We’ll still be creating absolutely amazing content on this blog and releasing training weekly. Make sure you’re subscribed to our email list so YOU CAN KEEP UP TO DATE (Or I’ll send a pug to hunt you down)
  • We’ll be growing our team to continue to provide you unparalleled levels of service (average 4.9 Star Rating out of 5.0 on our apps and a support response time of 3 minutes)
  • We’ll do all we can to help you reach your goals and increase your revenue.

So, we’re not going anywhere… But the SMART Apps Facebook group is over with

We’ve had amazing times there and we’ll continue to have amazing times together ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t worry, we’re still Family and my dog Brutus still can’t shut up about you.

If you want to Keep Up With The SMART Team (Better than the Kardashians, we promise) all ya have to do is subscribe to our email list or just stay subscribed to our blog

It’s awesome, we’re your dog’s #1 Company AND we have the mug to prove it

Want to learn a little more about our company? Read our core values!

If you want an inside look of how our core company operates and what led us to make this decision feel free to check out our core values. These are values we built up over the past few years and we feel extremely strong about them

You can view those here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jpk2e6k537nwjqg/Smart-Core-Values.pdf?dl=0

Talk soon guys, we look forward to 2019 and we look forward to helping you change the way eCommerce is done.