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The 5 Keys To Becoming A Millionaire – FDDTC #29

Devin Zander 1 year and 30 days ago
The 5 Keys To Becoming A Millionaire – FDDTC #29
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 What’s up everybody? Devin Zander here. That was a weird intro. Today we’re talking about the five traits that millionaires share. Billionaires super successful people have these five traits. So if you’re looking to transform your life, if you’re looking to become a millionaire, whatever I don’t know.

Look, a lot of people listen to the show. Typically, they wanna become millionaires, right? Or they just wanna have a more successful business. These are the five traits you need to have if you wanna make that happen. Hey, I’m Devin Xander, your host. This is the From Delivery Driver to C E O Podcast.

These are lessons tale stories of how I went from a high school dropout and a Jimmy Jones delivery driver, sling and subs to the fine people of Safety harbor. To the CEO of an eight figure software education company. Without any further, do you, let’s get into the five traits that make up millionaires.

So little background info. How I got this information was. Reading a bunch of biographies. It’s been literally outside of work and spending time with my wife. All I’ve been doing for the past few months, and I’ve gotten through quite a few, and one thing that I’ve noticed is all successful people, it doesn’t matter if they’re business people, it doesn’t matter if they’re musicians, it doesn’t matter if they’re athletes, they all share.

These five similar traits to like an unbelievable degree. Okay. And in fact, they pretty much all rank them in the same order of significance as well. So it’s safe to say, if there ever was a secret to success, it’s probably these five traits. It’s, they’re not magic hacks. And some of you might not even want to hear this because you’re gonna be like, oh God, I just wanna be lazy and be a millionaire.

Dude, it’s not gonna happen. I’m sorry. You gotta put in work you’re rewarded by for creating value. And if you’re not gonna go out there and create value, you’re never gonna get rich. Sorry. See, you like this podcast right here. I’m creating value. I don’t get paid anything to do this podcast, but I, IM creating value and I know the universe will pay me back.

So let’s get into it. Let’s go over the five traits. The first one I’m really gonna gloss over because I’ve already done two entire episodes dedicated to this, but it’s perseverance. Last week I covered this and I had mentioned the biographies as well, because the number one trait that every single person out there who is successful has, and that they all factor is the number one reason they’re successful.

It’s literally just perseverance. It is the ability to fail and get back up again. And like I had mentioned last week, this is actually really good news because anybody can have perseverance. You don’t need to be some magical person to have perseverance. You just need the ability to, when you fall down to get back up, that should empower you.

Okay? You don’t need anything crazy. The number one factor in success is just getting up after you’ve fallen down. It’s that simple cap. So we’re not gonna cover that one much further. If you want more info, perseverance, literally go listen to the last episode. Okay? Go listen to the last episode that I released now, number two.

I was actually pretty surprised by this one, and this is not something that I do, but it’s something that after reading all these books I’m making it a core part of my life. I have to, if I can see every single person that I respect and I look up to, does this. Then I, okay. Obviously I need to do it as well.

And it’s visualization, visualizing success, visualizing your life as you want it to be. Now, we’ve mentioned this before in a sense where we say that a. A map without a destination is useless, right? If I gave you a map and you had no idea where you wanted to go, you’d look at the map and you’d be like, oh, sick.

It’s like it’s geography. Cool. And then you know, you throw it away, right? We need to know where we’re going, and if we put it out there into the universe will bring us to that destination. But we have to know and we have to know with great detail. What I visualize, essentially, just so you guys know, is myself and my wife.

A beautiful house on the water over in Snell, Iowa, here in St. Petersburg. I used to live there on the water actually, but it was in a condo. Now I would like to get a house on the water right there. I have 30 foot tall ceilings. My kid is like crawling around on the marble floor. All my friends are about to come over.

They’re rich, they’re wealthy. Cause a lot of my friends work for me. It’s part, you gotta bring the squad up with you. You know what I’m saying? You gotta carry the whole team and create wealth for everyone. But, that’s just a really simple idea, and the homies out on a yacht in my village in Greece, I don’t have to work a day. My wife never has to work a day. My kids are becoming young, respectable individuals with good morals, good values. Like I wanna put these things out into the world and the world will bring ’em back to me. And honestly, like my entire life, I’ve been a very logical person. I do not believe in like woowoo things.

I’ve hardly been spiritual, hardly been religious or anything. I think in terms of logic and science, But it, I can’t deny it if every single person that I look up to and that I respect says that visualization is the second most important factor in success. It’s okay, I need to pay attention to this.

I need to do this. Okay. So that’s number two. Visualization. Number three is not settling for anything less than excellence. Huge. Trend is nobody that is really crushing. It settles for anything other than an A. You know what I’m saying? If there’s a B player, C player, D level results that someone’s getting on their team, they’re gone.

A players only. That is what it takes. So if you’ve ever worked on your store or if you’ve ever worked on your business and you’re like, eh, it’s good enough, I’ll throw it out there, right? It’s according to the most successful people on the planet, the most successful athletes on the planet and all these different things, it’s not good enough.

You need to produce a level results. You need to take pride in your work. You need to put in the extra time you need to care. And if you’ve, been paying attention to what we’ve been doing at SCUP with the five W and just trying to convince you guys to build brands. Cause it’s actually easier and this is how you really get rich.

That’s part of it. Like taking the time to actually understand your niche, what they want, where they hang out, what they’re saying, what their core desires are so you can create products that truly serve them and make them happy. It can be a t-shirt dude, we make millions of dollars selling t-shirts.

Because we understand the market and what they need, and we like, we just put effort in. That’s what it’s all when you’re working don’t settle. Don’t settle for good enough and listen, I. I’m a firm believer, and especially when you’re a smaller business, that you need to move very quickly. You need to, cuz you have to test a bunch of stuff out.

You don’t know what’s gonna work. So you gotta test test until you can find something that works for you, right? But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have standards, that you can’t set a bar for yourself. And make sure you’re never below it. If someone tells me like, oh, I worked, four or five, six hours that day, I’m, and they want me to pad on the back.

All of a friends say that to me and I’m like, wow, you showed up, bro. That’s not even the bare minimum. That’s not even the standard. You are below the acceptable level of effort. Yeah I think, I feel like that one’s pretty obvious. Which is just, yeah. Have standards, don’t settle.

Produce work that you’re proud of. If you wanna be rich, dude, these things matter. Everyone wants a secret hack. They wanna be lazy. It’s a terrible trait. I’m sorry, I don’t respect you. I don’t have empathy for you. Just put in effort, man. If you care about yourself, if you care about your family, if you want to actually change your life, then fucking try to change it.

Don’t be lazy in hope that something happens. Try, give it your all. Do your best. And if you can’t do that, then you really don’t want it that fucking bad do you? You’re fine where you’re at or else you’d try. You would actually try, you would say, you know what, I’m fed up. I’ve had enough. And you would try, you would give it your all.

You have to have standards. You cannot settle. Or else you will be stuck where you are forever. You tell me which is worse. Being stuck where you are right now forever or actually trying, having standards for yourself, holding yourself accountable to those standards and living a life worth living five or 10 years.

Doesn’t, dude, you can get rich in like a single year if you really try. Hold yourself accountable. Really try for a couple years and then you can live the life of your dreams for the rest of your fucking life. Or you can just settle for what you have right now and struggle and live like this forever, and nothing will ever change.

And then before you know it, you’re dead. That’s it. You don’t get another chance. That’s it. That’s reality. And reality sucks. I think about that a lot every single night, and that’s what pushes me every day. Next up, practice. Perseverance is one. Visualization is two. Not selling for anything less than excellence is three.

Four is practice. This is really simple, okay? If you own a store, as most people who listen to my podcast do, because that’s what we do is we own stores and then we teach people how to run stores, right? Practice, coming up with product ideas. Practice writing ads. You don’t even have to launch ’em.

Just practice. This is how you get better. Practice writing emails, practice your branding, practice writing, Facebook posts. Practice. Just practice. Get out there. Practice every single day. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Tiger Woods all said that. Practice was the most important thing to them. And it’s not working out.

It’s not doing pickup games, it’s not practicing with the team. It’s them practicing by themselves when nobody’s looking, honing their skills every single day. That is what it takes. That is what you need to do. So get out there. Practice. Oh, you’re not good at something. How hard have you practiced? Oh, I’m just not an ads person.

I’m just not an email person. Really. How much have you practiced it? How much have you tried? Are you sure that’s not just a limiting belief that you’re saying to hold yourself back and make yourself feel better about your lack of action? I’m gonna give it to you straight, and the reason I do it is because I care.

I could be like other gurus and I could fucking lie to you, so you would give me more money, but that doesn’t help you. I want to be honest with you, so you can actually change your life so you can achieve your dreams, so you can live the life that you want to live more than anything. So practice nice and easy.

And that brings us to the fifth and final point. Ladies and gentlemen. Look at this. We’re talking about having standards. This is it right here. Zero compromise. Never compromise on your standards. Set goals, set standards for yourself and never compromise on them. For those of you who are watching on video, you can see that on my shirt.

Final one is delusional Confidence. Yeah. Successful people just have a delusional confidence about them. They know they’re gonna succeed no matter what. And you need to have this too, because if in your mind you’re thinking it’s probably not going to work out for you, then why would you even try? Why would you even bother?

It brings down your level of work. It makes you not motivated to work. It makes it so you do everything half-assed cause oh, it’s probably not gonna work out anyways. You need to have unshaking. Faith, delusional confidence that not only are you gonna win, but you’re gonna fucking win big. And then there’s a part of this that’s actually counterintuitive.

It’s paradoxical and it’s difficult, but it’s knowing you’re gonna win big, but being okay and unaffected when you don’t, because you realize that there are failures along the way. It’s all part of the plan, and that success is gonna happen in the end. That part’s hard and I struggle with that and I’m sure most people.

Would struggle with that, but the biggest wonders in the world, they don’t. And if you want to crush, if you want to be rich, if you want to be that millionaire, that’s part of it. Sorry, I got like nuts in my mouth. I’m trying to, I don’t know if you guys can see on the video I got, I ate some trail mix before this.

It’s getting stuck in my lip. Okay. Delusional confidence. Really quick, we’ll go through the whole list again. Perseverance. Visualization, visualizing your success, what your life is like. Never settling for anything less than excellence. Setting the bar high and never letting yourself below it. Zero.

Compromise. As my shirt says, practice, practice your skills, practice them every day, and delusional confidence, no deep down without a single doubt that you will win. That is what it’s required guys. This is the From Delivery Driver to CEO Podcast. I’m Devin Zander. Listen, if you want our help, if you’ve got a store and.

It’s not yet at seven figures, and you want it to get there. You want to make a million plus dollars per year on your store, book a call with us. We can help you do that. We’ve done over 50 million in sales on our own stores. We can work with people in any niche. All we ask is that you already have a store up and running.

We’re not in the business of teaching people how to set up a business. We’re in the business of taking people who already have a business and helping them get it to that next level. So if you want. To build a million dollar store, go to sc.net, skup.net/call, book a call with our team. We’ll get on, see where you’re at, what’s going on, and most importantly, what’s wrong with your business and how can we help you solve that so you can get to that million dollar mark sc.net/call.

Guys, thank you for watching. This is Devin Zander. I hope you enjoyed and I will see you on the next episode. Peace.