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Learning From Millionaires The Right Way – FDDTC #32

Devin Zander 1 year and 12 days ago
Learning From Millionaires The Right Way – FDDTC #32
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What’s up guys? Devin Zander here and today we are talking about how we go through seasons of life. It might not make sense, but don’t worry we’ll get to it. I need to apologize for being late. They just sprayed our office for bugs and to be honest, they did it yesterday, so I wasn’t able to record in.

It’s like awful in here. It is poisonous. So I’m gonna try to power through this episode and I’m gonna get the fuck outta here. Okay hey, this is Devin Zander. This is the From Delivery Driver to CEO Podcast. These are lessons, tales, and stories. How I want from an everyday normal dude, high school dropout, Jimmy John’s delivery driver.

To the CEO of an eight figure company. So if you are a regular person and you’re ready to change your life and you want to achieve great things and make a bunch of money, you’re in the right place. Let’s get into today’s episode. So this episode is actually a shout out to Mike. I can’t remember your last name, Mike, but I kicked you off a Zoom call on Monday cuz you had a really bad attitude.

And it’s okay, dude. Like I get it. I know where you’re at. I actually know exactly what’s going through your head and it’s that you want some sort of push button magic solution and you’re not willing to do any work and that’s okay. But you brought up some really interesting points. And for those of you who are not on our webinar on Monday, essentially there was a guy named Mike nothing against him, don’t care about him at all negatively or positively, I’m indifferent.

But he was on the call and we were about 70 minutes in. And keep in mind, this was a four hour long call. It was extremely long. Basically an entire breakdown of our how we made 50 million. So it was quite a lot to discuss. And we’re about 70 minutes in. We’re, we’ve taught a lot so far, and I know when a lot of people join our webinars, there’s like all these backs, stories and like the hero’s journey and how I went from a zero to a hero.

We didn’t do any of that. This was not webinar where we were selling something. It was literally just four hours of value packed content. But anyways, about an hour into it, Mike said. Guys like, what are you doing? This is, so when are you going to finally start teaching? When I’m not learning anything.

I’ve been here for an hour and I haven’t gotten it. And so on and so on. But here’s the thing is we’re already deep into teaching. In fact, we were teaching our five W avatar framework, which is the who, what, when, where, why and it’s how we’ve been able to replicate and build brands over and over again.

But Mike didn’t find that valuable. And it got me thinking because I’ve realized this in my life before. I’m actually reading a book right now. It’s called The Hard Thing About Hard Things. It’s by Ben Horowitz. It’s an excellent management book. Now, the first time I read that book, I didn’t like it.

I was like, dude, this is so irrelevant to me. This is what? This is stupid. Why would I need to learn this? And I’ve had similar experiences with another book called Atomic Habits too, right? And. I’ve reread both of those books and on the second and third readings I’m like, wow, this is life changing.

This is seriously amazing information. And I’m reading the hard thing about hard things right now, and it’s probably gonna go down as one of my favorite books. But yet, the first time I read it I was like, dude, what is this? This is nonsense. And that is exactly what Mike was going through at that time in that place.

Now I need you to understand something. There are seasons in life. There are certain points when we are not yet ready for certain information. How many times in your life have you read something or gone through something or watched something and you’re like, this is so stupid. I’m not learning anything from this.

This is a waste of my time. And then you went back and you viewed it at a later point in time and you were like, dude, this is this shit. I love this. How many times has that happened in your life? Chances are it’s happened a lot, and that’s just because there are certain periods in our life when we feel like information is irrelevant to us, yet we’re reading it.

For, and it’s written by, or the content is created by people are, who are like way beyond where we are. So for instance, the hard thing about hard things, it’s written by Ben Horowitz, he’s worth like $4 billion, and yet here’s me making like a million dollars a year. And I’m like, ah, this is stupid.

I don’t need this. Obviously I’m wrong. And it’s just because we feel that way because we’re in a place where we’re not yet mature enough. To understand the information or to realize how relevant it is, or it seems like too much work that we’re just not willing to do. And that is something that we want to avoid.

This comes from a place of ego where we feel like we don’t need to learn, and that’s what Mike was doing on call on Monday. He was coming in from a place of ego where he thought he was above this information. Even though I can guarantee you, no offense to you, Mike, that you are making infinitely less money, not infinitely, but you’re making many hundreds of times less money than we are.

You wanna do exactly what we want to do with our business. You want to create an e-commerce business. You want it to be very profitable. That’s why you’re on the webinar, right? Or else why would you be on the webinar? You wouldn’t be there. You’d just be wasting your time. And yet, when we’re giving you the keys to the castle, You think that, oh, this is, I just wasted an hour listening to this.

Meanwhile, if we were to go teach that exactly what we taught to you, to someone who was already doing six figures a year on their store and they wanted to get to that million dollar mark, they’d be like, holy shit, this is fucking gold. This is amazing. Why is that? Like I said, sometimes we’re not ready for the information yet.

And look, I’m not here to preach. I’m guilty of it too. I’ve already confessed two instances where that’s happened to me, and it also happened with my biggest mentor, Andy Fela. When I used to listen to his podcast, I was like, oh, this is fucking dumb. And now I’m like, whoa, this is the best business podcast ever.

So I want to challenge everyone here that. If there’s someone that you respect and that you look up to and they’re teaching you something and they’ve already accomplished what you want to accomplish, okay, that’s important. They have to have already done what you want to do, and when they teach you something and you feel like it’s irrelevant to you or it’s unimportant to you or whatever, I want you to challenge that belief.

Because chances are you are wrong. You are just flat out wrong. Now, you might be in a place where you are not yet ready for that information. It might actually not be relevant to you at that point. For instance, if it’s something about managing people or if it’s about hiring, right? You might be like, oh, I don’t have any employees like this.

This is irrelevant to me. And that’s true at the time, but. I wanna challenge you, right? Because what do you want to do eventually? You wanna grow, right? Like you wanna make millions of dollars a year profit for yourself. And to do that, you’ll probably need to hire some help along the way, okay?

Whether it’s just a virtual assistant, whether it’s a writer, whether it’s an advertising agency. Whether it’s just someone like an operator. I don’t know whoever you want to hire, but you’re gonna have to hire someone. So while you might be bored by that information and while you feel that it might not be relevant in that time, challenge you to go through it anyways.

Take it all in anyways. Okay. Digest all that knowledge anyways because nothing gives more leverage than knowledge. If you were to look at some of the most successful people of all time, okay, they all learned from those who came before them. You do not go in and try to figure shit out all on your own when there have been hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands who have paved the way before you, they have gone through the trials, they’ve gone through the tribulations, they have jumped into the fire, and they’ve figured it out.

And there’s so much knowledge out there where they’re teaching you how to avoid those pitfalls. How to stay clear of the fire and have a cleaner, less stressful, straighter path to success. So even if you feel like, man, this is just not good, it’s not relevant. Understand that you are saying when you say that.

You are saying that, oh man, this person who just did what I did and they did it many times over and they’re so successful, they’re, there’s this thing that’s really important to them that they think is a massively beneficial and it’s super helpful in me. The person who has not accomplished it yet is saying that I don’t think it’s that important.

That doesn’t make sense. You need to challenge that belief. You need to defeat it because if you do not, Like for instance, this podcast is a lot about mindset. It’s a lot about things like vision and goal setting and reverse engineering. And I’m not, guys, I’m not fucking dumb. Like I understand that’s not the type of content most people want.

What most people want is for me to come on and say, if you press these five buttons, you’ll be a millionaire. That’s what people want. I’m not like, yeah, I’m not stupid. But I don’t do that because it would be a disservice to you. I’m giving you what I learned along the way that is actually super beneficial.

That has made me millions of dollars, and it’s these things, but it’s actually great because it’s so much simpler than people imagine it to be. You just have to accept it. There are no secrets. There are truths that people refuse to believe. That’s what I’m trying to share with you. I hope this episode made sense.

It was just something I thought about because I’ve already thought about it a lot in my life. The first time it ever happened was with that book, the atomic Habit’s book. The first time I read it I was like, this is fucking stupid. Ugh. And then I read it again and I was like, wow, this is life changing.

Mike, if you’re out there, dude, I actually don’t dislike you. I don’t want you to think that I’m, I hate you. I’m mad at you or anything. I kicked you because you were being disruptive. But you have an issue with your thinking because what Matt and I were sharing when you thought that, oh my God, you guys aren’t teaching anything, it’s actually one of the most important things we could have ever taught you.

You just have too much ego and you think you know too much. To find it relevant to you. And that’s okay. If you want to do that, you can. I’m not here to tell you that I’m right and you’re wrong, but what I am here to tell you is if you refuse to learn from others, and if you like take lessons that people who are already accomplished what you wanna accomplish, and you take their lessons and you say this isn’t relevant to me.

These guys are actually fucking stupid. Listen, there’s a reason that every time we build a store, it gets to the seven figure or eight figure mark. There’s a reason. It’s cuz we know what we’re doing and we’re trying to share it with you. If you don’t wanna value it, that’s your choice. But I’m here to challenge that because I’ve been in those situations where I didn’t value someone’s advice.

And then when I came back to it with an open mind, I was like, holy shit, this is life changing. So guys I gotta get outta this office before I die of poisoning my throat actually really burns. This is Devin Zander from Delivery Driver to c e o Podcast. I hope you enjoy it. I’ll see you guys on the next episode.

Make sure to like, comment, subscribe, leave a five star review and I’ll catch you guys later. Peace. Have a good. Day. Yeah. Peace.