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Increase Sales By Being Polarizing – FDDTC #33

Devin Zander 1 year and 9 days ago
Increase Sales By Being Polarizing – FDDTC #33
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 What’s up guys? Devin, Zander here. Yes. Again, in a different setting. I’m recording with my phone, Uhhuh on this week’s episode, but today we’re going to talk about being polarizing in your marketing and messaging. Hey guys. I’m Devin Xander, your host. This is the From Delivery Driver to C E O podcast, lessons Tale Stories, how I went from an everyday guy, a high school dropout, and Jimmy John’s delivery dryer to the CEO of an eight figure.

Company. So let’s get into today’s episode. I was talking earlier today with a student of ours who’s also now a coach Gary. He’s getting into a new venture and he told me something interesting. And Gary, no offense dude, lovey, I just thought, Hey, if Gary, this g made this mistake, then maybe a lot of people are making this mistake.

So it’s something worth discussing. But anyways, Gary said, like I, I want to try to attract both audiences. I think that there’s a lot of money to be made, and that if I have a really broad message that doesn’t offend anyone, and I can attract both audiences, then I’ll make a lot of money. And to give you an example this is something like if you’re selling to Michigan fans, for those of Michigan, like Michigan football, they are arch rivals.

They hate. Michigan State people, right? Or sorry, not Michigan State Ohio State people. Or if you’re in the political space, the left and the right, they don’t get along. Okay. So imagine that if you made a shirt that was like, Hey, we don’t hate Ohio State here at Michigan.

They’re okay. Or, you made a shirt that said abortion or life, who cares? Either way, a message that doesn’t really. Offend anyone. It, it doesn’t work. It’s just, that’s not right. And this is like marketing 1 0 1. Do you guys like how I’m getting all crazy in this chair.

I don’t know what’s going on. I’m very uncomfortable lately. Just restless leg syndrome maybe. But if you have a message that. It goes out to everybody, then nobody hears it, right? If you’re speaking to everyone, you might as well be speaking to no one the best kind of marketing. And I also want to make a caveat to this, that this only applies if you’re really doing niches like niche marketing.

Obviously if you are selling jewelry and stuff, it’s a little less applicable, but if you’re selling niche marketing, you really want your messages to be. Somewhat polarizing and with how much ADHD and noise there is in the space right now. The more polarizing you can be, the more powerful your ad in your product will be.

Okay? So if you’re selling like to the left and you’re selling to Democrats or something like that, your message should seriously, piss off and repel Republicans. If you want a super profitable product, you do not want to play the middle aisle. There is no money in the middle. The money is where the passionate people are, right?

Those are the people who are buying the products. The everyday people who are like, eh, I, I identify as left, eh they’re not the people buying the shirts. The people who are buying the shirts are these super passionate, crazy about it ones all right. That’s where the money is.

It’s not playing it safe. So whenever you are selling, let’s and this applies to every niche, right? If on the product of the Wheat Club recently we reviewed an electrician product, right? Your ads in the product should literally repel everyone else. It should only speak to electricians, and that doesn’t mean you have to say something that is like offensive to people who aren’t electricians, right?

But it should be that the message really only speaks to electricians, and it could be an inside joke that they get and they’re like, haha, yes, this makes sense. Imagine, like we gave the example of the political thing, right? Being in the middle of the aisle, like not trying to offend you on the left, not trying anyone on the right, cuz we want to attract both audiences somehow.

Now imagine if you sold an electrician shirt that tried to appeal to like roofers, cuz you didn’t want to piss them off, you wanted to keep them in too. Like it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t work. The best marketing campaigns guys. They’re going to repel people who are not your target audience. And because of that and it, and maybe even offend them, and because of that, it’s going to seriously hyper attract your actual target audience.

They’ll be like, holy shit, we love you. This is me. I understand this and I want it. And that’s because guys, the buyers are the passionate few. They’re the ones who love, they’re so into it. They live, breathe, die. They eat this stuff. This is their life. The people who are like, eh, like pussy footing around.

That’s a fun word, right? Pussy footing. And they’re not super into it. Like they’re not spending money on it, guys. So you need to go all in. You need to pick a side. Okay? If you’re selling college football stuff, don’t have something that’s eh, kind of Michigan, kind of Ohio State. No. Go all in, selling political stuff.

Go all in. If you’re targeting electricians, go all in. Electricians. All right. You know what I’m saying? That’s it. That’s it. That’s the end of the message. It’s super simple. And make your marketing make it like polarizing. Then it gets talked about, it speaks to a target audience, and it gets shared.

But if you try to talk to everyone, you end up talking to no one. All right yo, this is Devin Zander. This is the firm delivery driver to CEO podcast. If you couldn’t tell, obviously I forgot my computer today. I didn’t forget it. I just the office is still like on lockdown because it’s poisonous in here.

I’m starting to feel it in my throat a little bit actually. So yeah, make sure a light comment, subscribe. Leave a five star review, Devin Zander. I’ll see you guys in the next episode. Peace.