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Two Techniques You Probably Never Thought Of To Find Hungry Buyer Audiences.

Devin Zander 6 years and 9 months ago
Two Techniques You Probably Never Thought Of To Find Hungry Buyer Audiences.
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Hey hey hey… Devin Zander here (at least I think I’m Devin Zander, who knows it might actually be his dog)

And today I’m going to show you two basically unknown, not very widely used methods that WE use to find hungry buyer audiences that we can target with Facebook Ads to make some sweet, sweet… sometimes spicy moolah (that’s French for money, okay maybe it’s not)

Let’s be real, it’s not often you find out something you don’t already know (especially when there are 1000000 coaches out there preaching the same thing) that’s why this post is so important

It’ll help you stand out and beat the competition, and stick out in front of your customer’s eyes like a sore thumb! Only more enjoyable, I hope… You better have a good customer experience!

Okay okay, I know you want to get into it… Plus I’m kind of exhausted, some weird stuff going on these days keeping me busy and making sure I’m as tired as ever!

Let’s get to the goodness and show you these two super duper techniques and get you making some of that French Moolah

Method #1 – Not Another Related Product! Wait… YES, Another Related Product:

Okay, so you probably know that Amazon can be a great place to find Upsells by finding products similar to yours and looking at the “Customers Also Bought” tab… I mean it makes sense if you find a product that’s similar to yours on Amazon and see what else Customers typically buy with it… Perfect Upsell!

Now, did you ever consider… “Hey, maybe I can use this same data to find an audience similar to the one I’m currently targeting?”

I mean, let’s be honest… This is something we should ALWAYS be thinking about, ways to improve our business and make more money. But I mean I was just looking for a new book on Amazon!

So in this particular instance (see the screenshot above) I was looking at Seth Godin’s book “All Marketers Are Liars” and those are related products to it. Personally, I sell a lot of marketing stuff, and I teach people how to market (I’m currently teaching you how to market on Facebook! Or advertise actually… However, you get the idea) so it makes sense that Seth Godin is someone I might want to target with Facebook ads to make sales on my marketing products

Now if I take a look at the related products every single other related product BUT ONE is written by Seth Godin… However, we do have that one rogue Author.

Do you think he’d be a great person/audience to target with ads if I wanted to sell marketing material? I mean according to Amazon he’s the second most likely Author for people interested in Seth Godin to also buy

All I have to do is go over to Facebook and type “Ryan Holiday” in the interests section

So what’s the consensus? You bet your sweet butt he’s good to target now I’ve got another profitable audience to target on Facebook by simply finding a product relevant to what I’m targeting on Facebook and seeing the “Frequently Bought With” and taking Amazon’s suggestion (they did all the work for me) and now I’m making more money

And if I spend 2 more seconds and scroll over to the next page of “Customer’s Also Bought” products I find two more authors I can target and make sales with! (Coincidentally one of them are my favorite Author AKA Ryan Holiday, this man is a GENIUS)

Screenshot 2016-08-07 22.44.49

So as you can see, this method is extremely EASY, quick and of course… Is going to make you more money

And like I said before this is also amazing for Upsells, I know that’s a little off topic but Amazon has gathered all of this amazing data for you so you may as well take advantage of it. Find your product or the closest thing to it on Amazon and take a look at this same list… BOOM you instantly have that moolah generating Upsell in your face

Then head on over to AliExpress and find that product for the cheap-cheap and sell it on your store ????

There, this section was sort of a DOUBLE WHAMMY!

Method #2 – Lists Of Lesser Knows Celebrities:

Okay so if you watched my video on why broad targeting can be bad… You’ve probably heard me say that you can’t sell golf items, target “Tiger Woods” as an audience and expect to succeed

The reason behind that is, there’s a ton of people who like Tiger Woods but don’t necessarily enjoy Golf or play at all. He’s a celebrity and a lot of people like him on Facebook including my 69-year-old grandma who has never touched a golf club in her life… Hell, I think I may have even like Tiger Woods on my Boston Terrier’s Parody Facebook page…

You get the idea.

However, that doesn’t mean targeting professional golfers is a bad method…. You just need to target the ones only OTHER GOLFERS WOULD KNOW ABOUT!!!


Okay, so you probably don’t know what “Googling Lists” means. In fact I kind of just made it up, so I’ll give you an example to help you understand

You’d head over to Google.com and search for something along the lines of “Top Golfers Of 2016” and what you’re going to look for is a list of Golfers names you can hopefully target with Facebook ads!

Here’s an article that would work

You basically just want a list in article or slideshow format that names golfers… The title above is exactly the type of thing we’re looking for

“13 Picks To Win The 2016 Masters” now I can guarantee you, someone who isn’t into golfing will NOT know who 80% of the golfers on this list are (in fact I probably know a grand total of zero of them)

So here we see a few golfers we can target with Facebook ads and sell our golf gear to

And we can, of course, keep scrolling through these slides finding more audiences to target

This can be done in many niches by searching terms such as “Top Experts On X” and X = Your Niche

For example, here’s what I see when I search “Top Crossfit Experts”

Screenshot 2016-08-07 23.10.40

SO as you can see, here’s another list I can go through and find more unknown-ish experts I can target with Facebook ads to send sales to my CrossFit store

Easy, other people wrote the articles and did the work for you… Now you just look at the data they gathered for you & target it with Facebook ads

More money for you & not much work needed to be done ????

Goodbye, My Friends!

Okay, I’m being dramatic…

However, do keep in mind that not every single audience is targetable on Facebook so the two methods I mentioned above are super freaking awesome. They do not work 100% of the time, you might have to search for five extra minutes to find actually targetable audiences

Oh, woe is me, five minutes of work to make some money!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed… Thanks so much for your time I really appreciate it!

Make sure you comment below and let me know what you think, let me know what you want to see next ORRRR just say hello