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Six Reasons Why Your Shopify Store Needs To Advertise On Facebook.

Devin Zander 6 years and 8 months ago
Six Reasons Why Your Shopify Store Needs To Advertise On Facebook.
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Facebook tells us (well, Mark says) that we spend an average of 50-minutes a day on a Facebook property. That is quite a lot of time especially when you put “average” in front of it because that means there are many more Facebook gluttons out there consuming social media content for many more hours. We’re talking 1.32 billion daily active users (June 2017) feasting on Facebook. That makes it a seriously good place to advertise your Facebook Shopify US site or any e-commerce site for that matter. Remember that Facebook also owns Instagram so you get to connect with those 600 million users as well (50% of these guys are following a business). Thanks, Mr. Zuckerberg!

We all know by now that in order to keep up with the competition, you have to place social media ads right? Using Facebook Advertising to promote your product really is a no brainer. It’s easy to learn and use. Seriously easy. You know how powerful its targeting abilities are and still, people are hesitant. Perhaps you tried it once and you didn’t think it worked for you? I think it’s time to relook at its enormous capabilities for targeting. Maybe you are already a believer and are ready to ramp up your Facebook advertising efforts. Either way here is 6 reasons why you should jump on this “brand” wagon.

1. Improve Your Target Practice.

shopify facebook pixelYes, we all spend time chatting to friends on FB, posting, and scrolling and with every bit of information we put out about ourselves, Facebook takes note. They recognize that you might be a cat loving, Ford driving, tree hugging, surfer banker with a love of vintage collectibles and latest gadgets. You are feeding the platform with your age, gender, location, interests and you can imagine how much big data they have about their over 1 billion users. Now do you see how this can help you? All of that incredible information married with your specific target group and you’ll be generating leads until the cows come home. Facebook just keeps getting better at targeting as it gets to know more about people’s life stages, hobbies, spending habits, shopping locations, etc. If you can really pinpoint your target audience demographics, Facebook will find the perfect match for you.

That’s where Facebook Lookalike Audience option kicks into action. You can use it to find the top one percent that “looks” exactly like your existing target audience. They can do this with ease because they are privy to hundreds of signals and characteristics and can find your ideal lead for you. When you use this tool effectively you will experience a surge of conversions.

shopify facebook2. Expand Your Ad Format Horizons.

You know the formats of photo, video, carousel or collection business ads but there is a range of other formats that you are going to get to play with using
Facebook Advertising.

  • Facebook Lead Ads are slick and effective at helping your targets to sign up on their mobile devices. Because we are all researching, engaging and purchasing on our mobiles these days, you need to target that platform specifically. Facebook will populate the sign-up info sheet for the user from past online mobile sign ups, and they can download your lead magnet –eBook, whitepaper, product guide etc., in a few simple clicks.
  • Instagram Ads. They’re boldly visual and you can craft a beautiful brand storytelling ad with a potent CTA.
  • Video Advertising. Facebook has its sights set on becoming the biggest video channel. They want to be bigger than YouTube, Netflix, cable. They are plowing money into this area and your video adverts are going to reap the massive rewards when you continue to use their video marketing platforms.
  • Facebook Messenger Ad opportunities. Facebook also owns WhatsApp. This makes it the leading mobile messaging app giant. Messaging has overtaken email and text for millions of people and is growing at a rapid rate. Keep your eye on this space because it is going to become another powerful platform for advertising in the very near future.
  • AI Ads. Artificial Intelligence powers our ad bidding processes online as the machine learning helps to target the right audience for your ad. It’s only going to evolve, and will change the rules of inbound marketing forever in that ads will become an essential part of your strategy.

3. Get Pickier About Placement.

At the moment you can place your Shopify Facebook Ads in these places:

Facebook Advertising lets you choose where you want your ads to be seen and which ones you can leave off the list because they don’t completely suit your target audience. You can choose the right context for your carefully chosen content to be more laser focused in generating quality leads.

4. Test Absolutely Everything.

facebook shopifyThere is no point in creating gorgeous ads if you don’t know why one has high conversions while others have low performance. Facebook advertising lets you execute your own A/B testing. It’s idiot proof. You can conduct your own experiment to find out what is working and what isn’t by putting your images, headlines, copy, demographics, and placements under the microscope. You can keep tweaking until you find your winning formula and then repeat it.



5. You Can Follow Cookie Crumbs Across the Net.

You’ve placed your Facebook ad for your e-commerce store’s latest product. Now you’re making sales but you want to know how many of them can be directly attributed to your ad. You also want to find out who window shopped and left. The Facebook Pixel helps you do just that. It’s a tiny snippet of delicious code that you install on your Facebook Shopify site (or any site for that matter). This bit of code lets you identify the visitor and find out how they interacted with your product or page.

You can track as many as 40 custom conversions using the Facebook Pixel and with its Standard Events Feature, you can look at 9 different areas of customer interactions on your site. These include:

  • key page view
  • search
  • add to cart
  • add to wishlist
  • initiate checkout
  • add payment info
  • make purchase
  • lead and complete registration.

This is all the information you will need to gauge your visitor’s journey through your site.

6. Advanced Interest Based Targeting.

facebook pixel shopifyYou’ve made it up a level. You’re in the advanced league. Your e-commerce site is booming and you are a slave to the power of the Facebook Ad Genie. You rub the lamp and it keeps giving you more wishes. You want to keep finding more of your peeps, your tribe, your shoppers online because you understand their intention. They express intent, Facebook hears and passes on the info to you as your wishes get fulfilled. You can get ridiculously specific.

You can schedule the ideal time of day that you know your target will be most open to hearing about your product. This is really the crux of the offering –segmenting your buying personas so you can meet them where they are and offer them exactly what they are needing. You offer them relevant, timely, useful product offerings because you know exactly what they like –it’s your product. Facebook has done the hard work for you and found all of the needles in its haystack for you.

Own This Space.

The Facebook Ad platform will generate more quality leads for your e-commerce business than any other channel out there. All you need to do is take advantage of it. Get in there. Experiment. Test. Test again. Feel the rush of new conversions hammering down your door.

So why have I been talking about Facebook Advertising? Because we are always on the look out to offer our clients a competitive advantage in the e-commerce space.

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