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Shopify Email, What Is It & How Can You Use It On Your Shopify Store

Devin Zander 4 years and 6 months ago
Shopify Email, What Is It & How Can You Use It On Your Shopify Store
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Shopify has just announced an exciting new launch that will further simplify the way merchants on their platform will approach their digital marketing strategy:

Shopify Email

Shopify’s product manager, Jacinthe Ricard, provided a statement on the expected goal for Shopify Email on Product Hunt earlier today,

“Shopify Email is an email marketing tool designed to help our merchants build meaningful relationships with their customers. Our goal at Shopify is to make entrepreneurship more accessible, and that includes making marketing a lot more approachable…Merchants don’t need any experience with email marketing to get started.”

Shopify Email seems to be the perfect tool for the emerging Shopify store owner as well as the veteran business owner.

Being the newest addition to Shopify Marketing’s app extensions, Shopify Email will now allow store owners to conduct all of their marketing tasks within Shopify’s platform.

“As we continue to support you on your entrepreneurial journey, we want to provide you with a powerful back-office so that you can focus on building lasting relationships with your customers and growing your business, without any technical or marketing expertise.”

Shopify Email Features

Shopify Email allows you to create, send, and track email campaigns through customizable templates using your brand assets – all within your Shopify dashboard.

Creating Your Emails

shopify email

Shopify Email pulls your logo, products, and brand colors straight into their templates designed specifically for eCommerce.

You can choose between product collection templates, promotional templates, newsletters, and even specific customer retention campaigns such as the welcome series.

Once you select your template, you can fully customize the placement of buttons, images, and text to align with your communication styles.

Running Your Campaigns

You can easily send emails straight from your domains with virtually no set-up required.

Gone are the days of integrating your store with confusing 3rd party email providers.

You can segment your audiences on your own, or take advantage of the automatic customer groups and audiences that Shopify collects for you.

what is shopify email

Once you’ve finished creating and designing your emails, you can either send them out immediately or schedule them ahead of time to automate your campaigns fully.

Analyzing and Interpreting the Data

All of your email analytics will pull straight through your Shopify dashboard.

You can see open rates, click-through rates, the number of items added to cart, and the number of items purchased from those visitors coming from email.

These stats allow you to perfect and refine your email marketing approach.

what is shopify email

Who Can Use Shopify Email?

Currently, those interested in getting started with Shopify Email must apply for an invite to use the new marketing tool.

The email platform is currently in a beta testing phase, but low-cost plans will soon be available to the public in the early months of 2020.

For your store to qualify, it must:

  • Have the online store sales channel installed, and the store can not be password protected
  • You must have a paid Shopify plan, not just the trial
  • You must have a custom domain
  • You need to have at least one product
  • Your payment provider must be set up

If your store qualifies for all of the above criteria, you can apply for early access here.

What We’re Most Excited For

Automatic Import of Products

You can import products straight into the email through the editor so your customers can easily click on the product image and go straight to that product page.

what is shopify email

Easy to Get Started

No complicated 3rd party set-up or integrations.

You set-up and create all of your campaigns within the Shopify Marketing dashboard.


This may be the most exciting aspect for us.

Shopify claims to be a more affordable solution to the traditional email platforms currently on the market, which is great because we’re currently spending $600 a month for our Klaviyo subscription.

Templates Focused on ECommerce

No more one size fits all templates.

Shopify has created optimized email templates focused on your campaign objective. Whether you are trying to drive sales or nurture subscribers, there’s a customizable template that will achieve your goals.

Simple to Use Editor

Shopify requires only a few steps to integrate your brand assets and products to create professional-grade emails without any design experience necessary.

Automatic Groups and Audiences

Audiences will save store owners time by automatically creating segments based on subscribers who are:

  • New customers
  • Repeat customers
  • VIP customers
  • Local customers


We’re thrilled to see what the future holds for Shopify Email.

We’re confident that this will benefit every merchant on their platform by saving them time and money while being able to focus on scaling.

Although it doesn’t seem to be as advanced as other eCommerce autoresponders, we definitely are eager to welcome this new addition!

If your store qualifies for all of the criteria to apply for early access, you can apply for it here.

Check out our video breakdown at the top of the page for more information on the release of Shopify Email and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below!