Section 2: Launching Your First Ad

Chapter 2: Deciding
Your Objective

Now you’re getting closer to launching your first ad.

You’ve found the perfect audience to match your perfect product.

Before you start configuring your first campaign, we need to discuss which Facebook ad objective is right for you.

When selecting your objective, you’re also setting your ads up for proper optimization strategies, bidding, and budgeting.

So let’s dive into the different objectives at your disposal and which you should be choosing each time for your Facebook campaigns.

What is a Facebook Campaign Objective?

facebook ad objectives

When you start creating ads on Facebook, one of the first choices you’ll have to make is selecting a campaign objective.

The objective is essentially the action you’d like your audience to take when they view your ad.

When you select your objective at the campaign level, you’re telling Facebook how to optimize your ads as well as determine the proper bidding strategy for your budget.

You have about 10 different objectives that fall within 3 broad categories.

Awareness Ad Objectives

Awareness objectives are ones that introduce your brand or product to an audience who may not know much about you… yet.

Set these objectives when you have top of funnel goals you want to meet.

Facebook Awareness Ad Objective Options:

  • Brand Awareness
    • Bring awareness to audiences who are unfamiliar with your brand or services
  • Reach
    • Show your ad to as many people as possible over a short period

Consideration Ad Objectives

Consideration objectives aim to get your audience to dig a little deeper into your brand and compare you against your competition… which they may be currently shopping from.

Set these objectives for any middle of funnel goals you want to hit.

Facebook Consideration Ad Objective Options:

  • Traffic
    • You can send your audience to any page you choose, such as your homepage or the product page. This is a good option if there are no particular actions you want these visitors to take
  • Engagement
    • Reach the segment of your audience that is most likely going to like, comment, or share your post for the lowest possible cost
  • Video Views
    • Reach the portion of your audience who is most likely going to watch a video about your brand, or engage with the post
  • Lead Generation
    • If you want to collect contact information in exchange for a download, then this would be the option to choose. The audience gives you their information without having to leave Facebook’s platform
  • Messages
    • You can communicate with potential or existing customers to lay the groundwork to start a conversation with your business

Conversion Ad Objectives

Conversion ad objectives are self-explanatory – choose these when you want your customers to buy.

These are by far the most popular campaign objective, as you will soon see.

Facebook’s conversion ads aim to increase sales, sign-ups, purchases and other specific actions on your website.

Facebook Conversion Ad Objective Options:

  • Conversions
    • Encourage visitors to take a specific action on your site such as view product, add to cart, or purchase
  • Catalog Sales
    • If you have an extensive catalog with a variety of products, you can show your audience products from your store’s catalog to encourage sales
  • Store Traffic
    • Promote your brick-and-mortar store locations to audiences who are nearby

Why You Need To Choose The Right Facebook Ad Objective

Choosing the right objective allows Facebook to optimize your ad for the perfect delivery.

By setting an accurate objective that aligns with your current business goals, Facebook’s algorithm can provide the results you need to meet those goals for the lowest cost possible.

The Only 2 Campaign Objectives You Should Choose

facebook conversion objective

The only two objectives you should choose when running Facebook ads for your eCommerce store are conversion objectives and catalog sales objectives.

Now I know you may be thinking that since you have a brand new store with a green pixel that you should be choosing an objective that meets the top of funnel goals.


No matter what stage you’re at, you should always select conversion or catalog sales objectives for purchases.

Otherwise, you’ll be wasting time and money on ads that won’t yield any profitable results – and that’s what we’re after.

You own a store that needs sales, right?

Well, choose the objective to make them.

When To Choose Which Objective

Out of the two options, conversion objectives are best for cold traffic while catalog sales are best for retargeting warm traffic.

At first, your ads may not show the most stable delivery, and that’s because the algorithm needs to collect sufficient data to provide those deliveries.

And when I say sufficient data, I mean like 50 conversions.

But don’t sweat it! These types of deliveries only take about a week to obtain if you have the right audience fit for your killer product.

Tying It All Together

In the chapter prior to this, you learned how to target an audience based on interests and relevancy to your niche.

In this chapter, you learned which objective to choose based on the ultimate goal you’d like your ads to achieve – Conversions or Catalog Sales. And always for website purchases.

By setting this objective, you help navigate Facebook to show your ads to the proper people within your audience to make sales.

Next, you’ll learn all about setting your ads budget, which essentially works as the fuel to drive your ads to your potential customers – I’ll see you in the next Chapter!


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