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Facebook Is Trying REALLY HARD To Send You Sales, Here’s How You Can Let Them (Part 1)

Devin Zander 6 years and 10 months ago
Facebook Is Trying REALLY HARD To Send You Sales, Here’s How You Can Let Them (Part 1)
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Hey there, Devin Zander here!

King of the conceivable universe (just kidding, if anything I’m the king of dogs. Mostly Boston Terriers)

So, you don’t know a single thing about Facebook ads? That’s okay… We all started there, hell a lot of people don’t even realize there are ads on Facebook to this day and think it’s all just content!

Now you’re in luck, I have absolutely awesome news for you!

You see, Facebook REALLY WANTS TO HELP YOU MAKE SALES! Obviously, it makes sense, if they can help you make sales, then you’ll spend more money on their advertising service!

So what they’ve done is spent years and I’m sure hundreds of millions of dollars developing the absolute best advertising platform on the planet… And with that, they developed what they call “The Facebook Pixel” which is constantly tracking everything people do on your website and using that data to BETTER SERVE ADS

For instance, if you have people purchasing stuff on your website, Facebook will track their purchases and how much money they spend on your website

Facebook will then take that data and go back to their ad platform, then they’ll try to find people who are as SIMILAR AS POSSIBLE to that person to ensure that everyone who sees your ads are EXTREMELY LIKELY TO PURCHASE

Make sense?


Now watch the video above so you can understand it fully

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