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Gelato Print-on-Demand Review

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Gelato Print-on-Demand Review
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Whether you’re dropshipping or selling items on Shopify, it’s always good to build your own brand by customizing your products with your logo and other trademarks. This is where print-on-demand services come in handy. Fortunately, there are numerous print-on-demand companies that you can work with for your e-commerce business, including Gelato.

But before you hire Gelato for its services, you need to be completely sure that it’s up to the task. So, be sure to read as many genuine gelato reviews as possible to get an idea of what other clients think about its print-on-demand services. Here, we’ve prepared a detailed Gelato print-on-demand review to help you make an informed decision.

What Is Print-on-Demand?

Print-on-demand is a business model in which retailers hire a printing company to print their personal designs on products when customers purchase them. So, printing is only done when a customer places an order–this allows the printing of products in small quantities.

Before the advent of digital printing solutions, this business model wasn’t viable and retailers had to rely on build-to-order services. The growing dropshipping industry has made print-on-demand services very popular, forcing even the traditional small printing firms to replace their traditional printing equipment with the latest digital printing equipment that enables them to offer print-on-demand services.

How Does Gelato Print-on-Demand Work?

Gelato is an international company with a global network of printers and logistics options. The company helps vendors and drop shippers around the world customize their products before shipping them to their customers through their print-on-demand services.

It’s important to note that Gelato doesn’t own any printers or fixed assets. Instead, it builds software that enables it to coordinate its vast networks of printers and logistics across the world–currently, the company produces customized print products in thirty-three countries.

Gelato’s international networks allow vendors to deliver their customized products to their customers from around the globe promptly and more sustainably because of the short delivery distances they travel. The company also relies on local production procedures that reduce waste and carbon emissions.

Each print partner of Gelato is carefully selected to ensure they help the company offer excellent and professional print-on-demand services. This selection process isn’t based on the price but on the quality of services that a partner offers.

Once the company establishes a reliable network of printing partners, it facilitates them with state-of-the-art technology to make them more efficient and reliable. Gelato constantly obtains insights from its printing partners to help it make its technology better.

But don’t take our word for it–go through this review and, perhaps, and read our Shopify print-on-demand review to get a clear picture of what it takes to start a successful print-on-demand business on Shopify.

Advantages of Using Gelato Print-on-Demand Services

Fast and Cost-Effective Services

In comparison with other companies that offer print-on-demand services, Gelato offers several unique things that are worth noting. First, it has a global reach, thanks to its vast networks of printing partners across the world. This enables you to deliver personalized products to your global customers on time and in good condition because the products are only shipped for short distances; most orders are shipped within seventy-two hours.

Additionally, the company’s global reach makes its services more cost-effective because its international printing partners and fulfillment centers eliminate the costly process of shipping products internationally.

Easy to Use

Gelato integrates pretty easily with other platforms like Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Amazon, Magento, Squarespace, etc., allowing you to sell your products to global customers without a hassle. The process of integrating your e-commerce store with Gelato only takes a few seconds–you simply create your store, add products, and sell.

Furthermore, it allows your end-customers to customize their products in your e-commerce store using its design editor in your store. This editing tool makes it easy for customers to personalize their products before checking out.


Gelato is free to join and use. You’ll only be charged a small amount for every product you sell through the platform. Plus, it doesn’t have minimum orders or leftover inventory. Because your products will be printed on demand, your business becomes risk-free.

Disadvantages of Using Gelato Print-on-Demand Services

Risk of Low-Quality Production

While Gelato’s global reach helps you to sell to international customers without delays, it exposes you to the risk of delivering low-quality customization designs because it’s difficult to monitor the quality of work offered by some of the international printing partners. So, you might have to deal with cases of poor printing quality, customer service, incomplete orders, etc.  

All in all, it’s clear the advantages of using Gelato’s services for your online store far outweigh any risks. For more guidance on growing or scaling your e-commerce business, Skup has you covered!