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High-End Print-on-Demand: Selling Luxury POD Products

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High-End Print-on-Demand: Selling Luxury POD Products
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Are you ready to take your luxury brand idea to the next level? A luxury print-on-demand business sells high-end, exclusive products such as fine art prints, fashion items, home decor, jewelry, and other personal items.

These products are usually made from high-quality materials and feature unique and sophisticated designs. The key to success in this type of business is effective marketing, selling these products to a knowledgeable audience, and pricing them appropriately to reflect their quality and exclusivity. 

Top Luxury Product Ideas


People are always looking for unique accessories. Most do their research online, so it will be beneficial to invest in content marketing and incorporating the right SEO for print-on-demand businesses. You can create blogs that provide helpful advice, such as “How to choose an engagement ring.” 

Use emotive yet accurate descriptions of the jewelry pieces that you are offering, and line up reliable print-on-demand jewelry suppliers. The important thing is to build your brand as a trusted authority in the space and to provide a great customer experience that stands out from the competition.

Art Prints

For many artists, especially those working with traditional mediums, selling print reproductions online can be a great way to expand their reach. Many artists are turning to a print-on-demand business model to avoid shelling out money for a sizable initial investment and the recurring cost of storage. 

If you are an entrepreneur, you can work with established artists or emerging talent and sell limited-edition original artwork. It can be profitable if you price it right and market it effectively to collectors and art lovers. 

Workout Gear

Athleisure is all the rage right now–people wear these clothes whether they’re working out or just hanging out at their favorite coffee shop. They are comfortable and trendy.

Along with the growing demand for yoga pants and other activewear, you can also develop print-on-demand yoga mats to complement yoga gear, clothing, and accessories.

Sport Shoes

Sneakers are a clothing staple all around the world. According to Google Trends, they are one of the most popular items in any age group. For Millennials and Gen Z, sneakers are a go-to fashion item. The massive growth of sneaker culture means great opportunities for those in this niche. 

How to Sell to High-End Clients

Selling to high-end clients is different than selling to the general public. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Research Your Target Market 

Start by identifying your target market’s characteristics. Gather data on your target market using various sources, including customer surveys, interviews, and online research.

Keep in mind that you’re not selling novelty items that people might buy as a gift or on impulse. 

You’re targeting people who have a little more disposable income than average but still want to enjoy a personalized item.

Use the data to find common patterns. Research demographics, interests, values, and behavioral trends that can help you create more detailed and accurate buyer personas. 

Focus on Quality

Design is essential to produce successful print-on-demand items, but you don’t need to be a professional designer to make it work. In fact, according to Printful, 32% of business owners outsource their designs. You can search for experienced designers on Behance or 99designs. Be sure to give clear and precise guidelines when collaborating with them, and be aware that the print specs will vary based on the printing method employed. If in doubt, provide the designer with the print specifications for a particular product.

It makes no difference how beautiful your designs are if the product quality is shabby. It’s best to order a few test samples from your list of possible print-on-demand vendors–this way, you will see the actual quality of the products and assess how easy it will be to work with them before making your decision.

Test, Measure, and Refine

To understand your performance and ramp up for growth, you must have business key performance indicators. Be wary of vanity metrics–track the number of times users visit your website, subscribe to a newsletter, or like your social media pages.  

Determine your conversion rate–this is the number of conversions divided by the number of website visitors. The cost per acquisition measures how much you spend on acquiring each customer. This is computed by dividing marketing spend by the number of buyers. If the numbers don’t look good, reviewing and adjusting your strategies might be necessary. Of course, you can reach out to the experts at Skup to learn more print-on-demand tips and tricks. We offer courses and coaching services to help you get started with the best tools to grow your high-end, print-on-demand business.