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The Types Of Facebook Ads To Run To Quickly Succeed (Part 2)

Devin Zander 6 years and 9 months ago
The Types Of Facebook Ads To Run To Quickly Succeed (Part 2)
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Okay so if you haven’t seen part 1 yet I need you to slow your roll, click here and watch part 1… Or our dog Brutus will hunt you down and just make you play fetch with him for no less than 37 hours straight

Alright cool, so if you’re reading THIS PART of the text that means either

  • A: You watched part 1, you go!
  • B: You’re going to have to play with Brutus for 37 hours (did we mention we never know when to stop a joke?)

So today what we’ll be discussing are the type of ads you should be running to allow your pixel to collect as much data as possible as QUICKLY as possible which is important. Because the quicker you can collect data, the quicker your ads will optimize and the quicker you’ll see results (and much more of them)

So our formula goes likes

View Content (VC) -> Add To Cart (ATC) -> Purchase (PUR)

The reason we start off with view content is that it’s literally going to send as many people as possible to our website who are at least INTERESTED IN OUR CONTENT which will allow us to collect as much data as humanly possible

And because of that, we should actually get more ATC fires than we would if we ran an ATC Objective ad and the reason for that is because the ATC audience is MUCH SMALLER than the VC Audience and since we don’t have much ATC data yet… Our pixel doesn’t serve that many people with ads and when it does it’s outrageously expensive

So with a larger pool, cheaper clicks starting off with VC is pretty much a no-brainer to us

And then once we reach 100 ATC pixel fires we’ll duplicate our adset and start running ATC ads

Then once we reach 100 PUR pixel fires we’ll repeat the process, duplicate our adset and start running with the PUR objective

So, watch the video and it’ll explain it all to ya!

Enjoy and make sure you COMMENT BELOW!