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Review: How Skup Is Helping Cody Generate $100K/Month On His Shopify Store

Devin Zander 4 years and 6 months ago
Review: How Skup Is Helping Cody Generate $100K/Month On His Shopify Store
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Taking the leap to start your own business is usually the hardest obstacle to overcome during your entrepreneurial career.

Uncertainties and doubts cloud your judgment and stop you from reaching your potential.

It’s a terrifying decision, especially if you don’t have much to fall back on.

This week’s SKUP Spotlight, Cody, is all too familiar with that dreadful leap.

But once he made his decision, he never looked back.

Closing out last month with over $100,000 in revenue, the former bartender-turned-entrepreneur wanted to shed some light on his business practices so you can reach your potential.

Cody Reynolds 10

The Business Model

Cody’s business doesn’t rely on the traditional dropshipping or print on demand business model our spotlights typically focus on.

Instead, he owns a company that sells a digital service.  It began as a previous hobby but then grew into a profitable business.

“I had been looking into starting something on my own time for a while but never committed to anything. I simply found a way to capitalize on this using a combination of trust and leveraging cryptocurrency.”

Timing played a big part for Cody, he was ready mentally and decided to just go for it.

And once he started, there was no stopping him.

Cody bought into an eCommerce start-up program called HCOM.

Once he got access to the training videos, Cody began his work.

By the end of the week, he had his website up and began to see results immediately.

HCOM uses the same educational model that universities use, without the university tuition pricing.

In addition to the training videos, you get direct access to coaches during 3 weekly coaching calls, as well as admittance into the exclusive HCOM Facebook group.

The Facebook group provides a space for like-minded individuals to share ideas, advice, and support for other members – just like Cody.

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Two Keys To Success

“On Shopify last month we ended with 93k sales. We had another 18k that wasn’t recorded on Shopify’s dashboard – we accept bitcoin as payment and do that externally from Shopify. So all in total we did just over 110k for the month.”

Although Cody funnels new customers to his site through Facebook ads, he mostly relies on repeat customers.

So the main focus for his company is customer retention and loyalty, which allows him to spend less on high advertising costs.

“With my business, I have a ton of repeat customers. So I don’t need to run ads often at all. We stay busy without them.”

What’s the one factor that keeps his customers coming back?


Are you wondering how he gains it?

A well-designed website.

Store design is a critical step in setting up your online store. As you can see in Cody’s case, he heavily relies on it.

“I had a hard time getting people to recognize us as a professional business. A lot of potential customers we lost because we didn’t come off professional. A good, sleek, well-built website changed all that. We used to beg for customers. Now we have a waitlist to get in!”

Cody also added that once he got serious about branding his store and designing it to reflect his professionalism, he didn’t have to rely on running Facebook ads as much to make sales. The service he provides, along with building trust through a well-designed store brings in repeat customers as well as word of mouth sales.

“Although my product is digital, I give you guys the credit for getting me where I’m at today. I learned how to bring more customers my way with targeted Facebook ads, and most importantly to me, I learned how to make a professional-looking website which gave me a much clearer vision for growth.”

Cody Reynolds 3

Cody’s Next Steps

Since his success escalated quickly, basically overnight, Cody has made his business his top priority.

He has even been able to leave his old job behind.

Working from home, being his own boss, and working with his girlfriend – and business partner- are a few of the many perks he loves about his job.

The biggest one is the increase in profit.

“We make 10x more than we used to with our bartending jobs … the sky’s the limit. We keep growing and growing and breaking old records. There’s no telling how high we will rise. I have wanted a huge house and a supercar since I was a little boy. I used to look at them online and dream of someday getting one. Now I actually can shop for them. And know that it’s a reality. Which is still crazy for me to believe.”

In the next few months, he plans to add a few people to the team to help with the volume that he and his business partner are pulling in.

Although the two of them work constantly they’re going to need assistance.

He also plans to streamline communication between his customers and his business.

“We’re in the process of creating an application. I’ve already submitted my idea to a company out of Florida. We’re in the middle of working that out now. That should allow us to be even more streamlined and, in turn, allow us to take on even more customers each day while still maintaining direct contact with the customers. We’d like to keep it this way for as long as we can, if possible. All of our customers know us personally because of the nature of our business. We don’t want to change anything up too fast on them. They trust us and the brand has been built on our two faces since day one.”

Cody Reynolds 8

Along with business goals, he mentions a few of his personal goals which include saving up for retirement.

Buying that supercar and house was once a dream for Cody, but recently, it became his reality.

Since starting out last year Cody has been able to buy his dream car and is about to close on his third house.

Advice To Follow

In his closing comments Cody wanted to share some advice with those of you just starting out:

“Stick to what is taught in HCOM.

Don’t deviate.

Never admit defeat.

Once you’re done building your store, take a step back and look at it.

Would you buy your own stuff?

If not, why? How can you fix it?

Make your store look as professional as possible.

People need to be able to trust you.

Be genuine and care about your customers and it will show.

I see so many say they want to succeed yet I know they’re watching Netflix or scrolling through Facebook with 90% of their free time.

Next time you catch yourself doing that, just stop.

Instead, watch the course videos or work on your store, keep at it and become a pro.

You will find success. That’s a fact.”

Cody is proof that hard work and maintaining trust will get you to insurmountable heights.

Taking that leap of faith pays off, you just have to muster up the courage to jump.

Cody Reynolds 6

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