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Review: How Skup Helped This Stay-At-Home Mom Create A $26,000/Month Business

Devin Zander 4 years and 8 months ago
Review: How Skup Helped This Stay-At-Home Mom Create A $26,000/Month Business
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In June of 2018, Jennifer reached out to me for the first time. She asked if I could check her store to make sure it was optimized for sales. She was creating her first Facebook ad and wanted to make sure her store was ready for traffic.

Flash forward 3 months and a few messages later, the team got an exciting update: Jennifer just passed $25,000 in revenue and her numbers were going up by the day.

All the while maintaining her full-time job as a stay at home mom and homeschooling teacher.

Jennifer was excited to share her story with me.

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A Spontaneous Start

At the beginning of June, Jennifer was looking for an easy way to bring in a little more money on the side online.

Her husband had a full-time job that paid the bills, but as their children were getting older, expenses began to rise.

She then found herself attending one of HCOM’s live webinars.

“I had never heard of dropshipping before, it was a brand new concept to me… I’m not tech-savvy at all.”

After seeing the profitable results of others less familiar with eCommerce and online marketing, she decided to buy the course at the end of June and started working on her store immediately.

It was a rocky start.

In addition to the HCOM Coaching Facebook group, Jennifer joined a few other eCommerce community Facebook groups.

“I got bombarded on Facebook with other peoples courses and what they were doing. I got distracted by everyone else’s noise and I think that’s I didn’t succeed with my first store. I got shiny object syndrome.”

Jennifer wasn’t willing to give up.

She did use a good portion of the family’s savings account to purchase the course, after all.

Jennifer decided to scrap her first store and start over – this time with a straight forward and focused plan in place.

Jennifer’s Rise To Success

Jennifer gave dropshipping another shot.

She rebuilt a store from the ground up.

New branding, product line, and ads. Old school approach.

“I started at the end of July and right now I’m at $39,543 in sales. So just under $40,000 in revenue in just about 2 months.

So what changed from her first try?

Sticking to HCOM’s results-driven plan of action.

“I just watched the videos and followed them. I’m dropshipping from China, through Ali Express. I’m running Facebook ads, just image ads – I haven’t even gotten into video ads yet. And last month, I only sent out two emails.”

By sticking to HCOM’s simple approach, Jennifer was able to increase her revenue by nearly 3,000% in her first month.

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3 Point Routine For Success

Follow What You’re Taught

“I don’t have a lot of secrets, I’m just following the course and using the tools it came with. I’m even still using a free theme. Sometimes I can’t make the live coaching calls but being active in the group and taking advantage of it is what I attribute most of my success to.”

Jennifer’s weekly structure includes:

Rewatching videos and taking notes on the course

  • People who are new to eCommerce are always facing a new obstacle to overcome. Whether its a customer support issue, supplier issue, or even design question, Jennifer was able to find her answers in HCOM’s course content.

Using conversion-boosting tools

  • Each HCOM purchase comes with the full suite of SMART Apps. Jennifer was able to import products and fulfill orders quickly and successfully with SMART Express, increase purchases using the psychological tactics of SMART Scarcity, and even increase her average order value with upsells she created with SMART Bundle.

Attending the 4 live coaching calls in the HCOM Coaching Facebook group

  • HCOM members get access to the exclusive HCOM Coaching Facebook group which helps members fine-tune the strategies they’ve learned in the course. The four live sessions are a mix of store critiques, to make sure a Shopify store is optimized for sales, beginner Q&A which helps clarify new concepts and ideas for first-time learners, and expert Q&A which allows members to ask questions on complex strategies.

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“After I take rewatch the videos or attend a coaching call, I take more notes and do research.”

Jennifer finds ads that are working from competitors or ones she finds in her newsfeed and applies the same copy techniques and design for her own.

Staying on top of product trends and finding products that will actually sell is integral to her weekly research.

The tool that Jennifer relies on for product research?


Cookie.io is an all-in-one product research tool that finds proven to sell products across multiple platforms.

Cookie.io integrates with:


  • Finds proven to sell products by filtering through minimum order amounts, product ratings, and which supplier offers the best prices – ensuring the products are in demand while providing you with the best margins.


  • Shows you trending products customers are currently buying through Etsy & easily import those products to your store with the click of a button.


  • Our proprietary built-in search engine allows you to type in any Shopify stores URL to see their top selling products & find a supplier that’s selling the exact same product.

Self Discipline

“I also try to do a couple 5-10 minute activities a day that push my business forward – every single day.”

Jennifer is able to prioritize a busy schedule by taking large tasks and breaking them down into smaller, bite-sized activities.

These short activities include:

  • Building new ads to test
  • Research on competitors and her niche
  • Fine-tuning her ad, email, and stores copy

The Golden Rule To Success

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“One other thing I wanted to say specifically to say about HCOM: Just focus on what they teach you, and you will get results from it. I’m sure there are other ways that work for some people, but these guys definitely know what they’re talking about, and it’s changed my life. Just in September, I tripled what my husband was making at his job.”

As we were closing out our interview Jennifer had told me that the business was gaining so much traction that her husband was planning on quitting his full-time job to help her out.

In just 3 short months of readjusting her routine Jennifer was able to take her family out of financial distress, single-handedly – with a job that was more stable and profitable than her spouses 50-hour workweek.

I touched base with Jennifer a week ago, to see how things were going.

She has recently sold her Shopify store and is using the money to fuel her dream career.

Jennifer now gets to do what she’s always loved while being able to continue focusing on her family.

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