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Spring Print-on-Demand Review

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Spring Print-on-Demand Review
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Spring is essentially a social commerce platform that enables users to create and sell custom products online. The service was formerly known as Teespring before rebranding in 2021, but it remains a service aimed at offering print-on-demand (POD) functionality while mitigating many of the risks surrounding such a business model. 

This means that there aren’t as many upfront costs—if the products do not sell, users don’t lose too much, aside from the time it took to create the design.

Today, we will be diving into Spring as a print-on-demand company to see how it works, why it stands out, and if it lives up to expectations.

Spring Print-on-Demand: Everything Users Can Expect

First, we’ll look at the Spring website, features, and overall functionality.


Spring’s website is filled with images and call-to-action (CTA) buttons that help users navigate it with ease.

There’s a navigation bar menu through which people can log in, create an account, track their order, create, sell, and read about the process. The website loads quickly, is minimal in design, and is optimized for desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet devices.


All users need to do to start an e-commerce shop is create a product and a custom store–all of which can be done through Spring. Spring offers additional functionality by enabling users to connect their social accounts, promote their launch, and share their products. Once products are purchased, the user begins earning. 

After users create an account by entering their name or brand name, email, and password, they can create t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tank tops, wall art, drinkware, blankets, puzzles, face coverings, hats, and more.

Pricing Models 

By default, Spring is 100% free to use. What this means is that users can set the selling price of the product and keep all of the profit. For example, if the base cost for printing a shirt costs $16.50, and users sell it for $25, they get to keep $8.50. 

The prices of products are not impacted by the number of colors in the design or the number of items sold per listing, but are impacted by other aspects, such as whether the design is single or double-sided.


Overall, Spring has a solid level of convenience, as all users have to either create or upload their creations directly to the website. The overall management, setup, and procedure of selling products are convenient, as nothing gets printed before a product is ordered and paid for.

Users earn 100% of the profits made from the purchase and can set their prices. The website is designed to run on both iOS as well as Android devices, which means that mobile support is also available, further adding to the overall level of convenience Spring provides.

Moving Forward with Spring Print-on-Demand

Spring offers numerous different types of products that can be created and handles everything users might need—printing, dropshipping, and even customer service. Furthermore, the website is well-designed and streamlined to the point that just about anyone can use it. If you are just starting out as a seller in the print-on-demand industry, using Spring is definitely a great option.  If you are curious about print-on-demand alternatives, be sure to check out our Printful print-on-demand review or our CustomCat print-on-demand review!