#MotivationMonday: Austin’s Execution Strategy Generates $1k/Day

Devin Zander 5 years and 3 months ago
#MotivationMonday: Austin’s Execution Strategy Generates $1k/Day
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SMART customer, Austin, holds the seat for this week’s #MotivationMonday!

Like so many of us, Austin was taking aimless shots at eCommerce for about a year that yielded little return.

Anxieties due to the thought of possibly failing held him back from his highest potential. Austin then started using techniques he learned from his friends here at SMART Apps and saw immediate results – he scaled all the way up to making $1,000 a day in sales in his first month of implementing our strategies for his dropshipping business.

The thought of failing holds us back so much, it is crippling, to say the least, but the first and the biggest milestone for any entrepreneur is to strap up and dive right in.

Take Austin’s advice and don’t hesitate to execute your strategies.