Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization Ads (CBO) A $188,076.00 Case Study
Devin Zander 4 years and 4 months ago
10 min read
If you use Facebook as a marketing platform, you must know about campaign budget optimization. If you don’t, then it’s best to familiarize yourself with it now. Campaign budget optimization is the future of Facebook advertising; what you know now about running ads on Facebook will be irrelevant in the coming months. You’re going to…
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The design of your Shopify store can encourage thousands of dollars in revenue each day, or it can send your visitors running for the hills. Designing your store is a critical step during store set up, and it’s equally important to stay on top of its trends. You don’t need any fancy graphics, or thousands of…
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4 years and 9 months ago
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Less is more. That should be the first rule of any business pursuit. I get it, discovering a new business opportunity opens up so many doors. And behind each door lies hundreds of shiny objects that pull you in. Between the thousands of apps and millions of products to choose from, decision making tends to…
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5 years and 3 months ago
Hey guys! SMAR7 Apps Customer Success Advocate, Patricia, here again! This time, I wanted to bring up some common issues I see most dropshippers unwittingly do… We understand, building a Shopify store from the ground up can be pretty intimidating. Between having to create a brand from scratch and figuring out how you can keep your…
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5 years and 4 months ago